Going Down Memory Lane (And Stealing Skincare Secrets!) With IVY Park Campaign Star Devon Aoki

by Freya Drohan

When it comes to supermodels who ruled the runways and reigned supreme in the aughts, Devon Aoki certainly led the pack. To this day, the model-turned-actress, 40, still dominates reference boards and inspiration collages, but since becoming a mom to four kids, it’s rare we see her back in front of the camera. Hence our joy when we saw Aoki AND her adorable minis star in the latest IVY PARK campaign. As such, we jumped at the chance to also quiz her on working with Bey, her couture collection, what’s in her vanity, and what she hopes 2023 brings…let’s get into it!

Why was it an easy yes saying yes to an IVY Park campaign? What about the brand do you love?
It was an easy yes…and I don’t say yes often! I am a busy mom to four young children and it’s hard to leave them, but Beyoncé and Ivy Park asked for all of us, so that was incredibly thoughtful and very special. Beyoncé has been an inspiration to me since my teenage years. I love supporting successful, talented women—but for me she’s like living poetry. Her beauty, her drive, her convictions, her music…. she’s an unbelievable force of creativity. Representing her brand is an honor. I love the collection, right down to the tones she selected. The outfit that I am wearing in the campaign is royal purple—the color you would see in the ancient world on Cyrus the Great, Roman Emperors, and Queen Elizabeth the 1st. I loved wearing it. I also loved the camo look that felt like a subtle nod to the ’90s. My third look with my family all in orange is probably my favorite. It feels good to be in color. The whole collection is very well executed.

Tell us about working with your kids on the campaign! 
I love shooting with my kids and they were especially excited about this project. My kids are very athletic and Adidas and Ivy Park are two of their favorite brands. Everything about this campaign screamed empowerment, strength, fluidity. We loved the photographic duo 91 rules; it was a lot of fun to be with them on set. I had two of my favorite hair and makeup creatives Mary Phillips and Akki Shirakawa there too. They made us all feel beautiful. It was a fantastic experience all around.

Are they aware of your status as a muse and style icon?
I think they know I’ve had a long career as a model and have had some very special connections. Growing up in a foreign country, working in my teens and helping support my family gave me direction and a kind of purpose. I sometimes tell my kids that we may as a family end up abroad for several years because it is such a wonderful, eye opening experience to offer them.

We imagine you have a pretty major wardrobe! Are there any special pieces that stand out?
One of my favorite pieces would have to be a vintage beaded Azzedine Alaïa gown from the ’80s which belonged to my mother. I have Chanel gowns designed by Karl Lagerfeld and even a few special items that I wore on the runway that I was graciously given by him. I actually gifted several of the gowns to my mother-in-law because she is petite like me, so they are currently getting some use in New England. I also have beautiful pieces that I wore on the runway by Joseph Thimister. He was so generous. Jeremy Scott’s clothes seem to be the ones that my kids and their friends think are the coolest when playing in my closet, so I am especially happy I have some old school stuff from our Paris days. As far as purses, I collect Corto Moltedo handbags. He’s a very talented accessories designer and it’s in his blood beause his parents created Bottega Veneta. My most favorite jewelry pieces are from a jeweler named David Saity that has long since passed away…New Yorkers might remember him! He was so lovely and warm. I also collect Native American jewelry and artifacts, but the museum- quality pieces that he gifted me are among my most treasured. Also, having many of the incredible Ivy Park pieces sent to us in camouflaged boxes was a lovely surprise! My kids were like, ‘Did Beyoncé send these?!’ The excitement was better than Christmas morning! I have to be honest though, I had to share all my stuff with my girlfriends! They all want to have the hottest pieces before the drop! We are all bee hive girls!


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We need to know the secret to your glow! What are some skincare favorites or skincare tips you swear by?
One of my best friends and godmother to my oldest daughter Alessandra, Agatha Luczo, has the most incredible skin care line called Furtuna Skin. I love their Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil as it’s perfect for replenishing the skin while giving you a dewy glow. The whole line is incredible. Another girlfriend of mine Allison Taylor makes Le Prunier face oil and it is an amazing product. Both lines come from farms and the ingredients come from rich soils or fruits and aren’t diluted down. On Agatha’s property in Sicily, the olive trees are 300-500 years old. The olive oil drinks and smells like no other olive oil in this world. I like to layer those things with Pestle and Mortar’s Pure Hyaluronic Serum. I also like to infrared sauna and cold plunge. When I’m done with all that, I spritz myself with Toy 2 perfume by my bestie Jeremy Scott for Moschino!


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What does an average day look like for you these days?
I’m busy with my mom duties; running a household and all that it entails. I spend a lot of time driving my kids around! I also own a couple restaurants which has been a lot of fun. I enjoy investing, doing fabulous fashion projects, and loving up on my family and friends! I hope 2023 brings more time spent traveling and making memories with the people I love, especially my kids and my husband.

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