When Tom Met Julianne! A Moment With Julianne Moore

by Daniel Chivu

Fresh from the front row of Tom Ford‘s epic L.A. show last eve, we chatted up Julianne Moore

How did you first meet Tom?
I met Tom in 1998 actually, during the Oscars when I was nominated. He made me a dress. He had a little atelier set up in the Beverly Hills Hotel and he was so warm and so funny and so nice and we’ve been friends ever since. We’ve worked together a lot. The guy is remarkable. He has an unerring sense of style but he’s also incredibly down to earth. He’s such a great friend.

It’s a fun surprise that Tom is showing in L.A.
It is very unusual, but it doesn’t surprise me because he loves L.A. Tom and Richard [Buckley] have a house here and spend a lot of time here. They’re in London and L.A.

Tom Ford is so Hollywood.
Tom is a very West Coast kind of guy!

Everyone knows you’re going to win an Oscar on Sunday.
Oh, thank you. That’s very sweet to say!


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