Vestiaire Collective Launches The One That Got Away

by Paige Reddinger

Luxury resale site Vestiaire Collective launched an exclusive new feature on their site today called The One That Got Away, allowing users to post hard-to-find items that they’re looking to purchase. Remember those limited-edition Valentino shoes you happened to pass up but can’t get off your mind? How about that rare Rolex you’ve been on the hunt for but can’t track down?

Now through November 30 the site is reuniting users with items they’re still pining for by connecting potential customers with Vestiaire Collective’s global community of 3.5 million users, alerting them to items that others members are longing to add to their closets. Those on a quest simply log on to the homepage, select The One That Got Away, and fill out a wish form with an image of the item for it to appear on a community board. If a member has the item that a client is looking for, they can select the “sell it” button, which alerts the searcher. Match made in heaven!

The product will go through an authentication process by Vestiaire before it’s sold to the potential client. We had the pleasure of visiting Vestiaire’s headquarters in Paris and were walked through the authentication process by co-founder Sophie Hersan. We can assure you the process is thorough and truly impressive. “We have specialists in various categories, because we need to be experts,” Hersan told The Daily. “We receive somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000 products per day, so you can imagine it is quite an operation to be sure what we are selling is authentic.” How much of an operation? Vestiaire Collective has a jewelry expert, a leather expert, brand authenticators from famed Parisian auction houses like Drouot, and even specialists dedicated solely to one brand, like Hermès. In the rare event that they aren’t sure about an item (and we saw some pretty impressive fakes that they were rejecting!), Vestiaire Collective will send the product to the brand itself to be authenticated.

With 1,500 items posted to the site each day, chances are you might find what you are looking for. But if you can’t find that one special piece, start using The One That Got Away. Note to fashion editors: Someone is hunting for that black leather oversized shearling Acne jacket we spotted on many of you, in case you are looking to cash in!

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