Tommy Hilfiger Announces Tommy Factory & New Campaign Starring Kate And Lila Moss—Here’s What You Need To Know

by Eddie Roche

The Tommy Hilfiger brand has announced its latest partnership—and it’s a good one. Get ready for Tommy Factory, a Fall 2022 experiential creative playground inspired by Andy Warhol’s legendary New York studio of the same name. The collab will feature cross-generational future makers captured through a red, white, and blue lens.

Warhol’s Factory, known for its parties in the 1960s, was the hangout spot for artists, musicians, celebrities, and Warhol’s superstars. In the studio, Warhol’s workers would also make silkscreens and lithographs under his direction. Hilfiger visited The Factory and met with Warhol at the beginning of his career.

“Tommy Factory isn’t a physical space, it’s a state of mind,” Hilfiger explained in a statement.  “Andy’s fascination with pop culture always captured the heart and spirit of the American society. His ability to connect with what was most relevant has never ceased to inspire me in everything I do. New York City is where Andy brought fashion, art, music and entertainment together when I was first starting out in the industry. The Factory was the place to be. And today, it is still his approach that drives me to engage with the cutting-edge communities building new creative experiences.”

The brand is also making fashion history as the first to feature Kate Moss and daughter Lila in their inaugural campaign together. Photographed by Craig McDeal in the Bronx and styled by Katie Grand, the images will also feature Travis Barker, Anthony Ramos, Jon Batiste, Lady Bunny, and more. Expect it to break in early September—just ahead of Tommy Hilfiger making its eagerly anticipated return to NYFW on September 11 with a show in Brooklyn at Skyline Drive-In.

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