Social Media Storytellers: Meet Gregory Dava & Ashley Campuzano Of New Specialized Marketing Agency, AG Experiential

by Freya Drohan

It’s not unusual to scroll through your Instagram feed and see snippets of a glossy press trip, but behind the scenes, it might not always be as well executed. Combining their backgrounds in content creation, Gregory Dava and Ashley Campuzano put their heads together to create AG Experiential—a full-service marketing agency specializing in creating first-person-narrated experiences that feature brands while highlighting a city, region, or culture. And don’t worry, they’ll handle the headache of all production logistics. “Influencer trips are often jam-packed with activities and deliverables that leave the talent stressed and with no time for what they were hired for, creating content,” Dava explains. “We’ve learned that time is essential to create quality content, and we wanted to offer an agency where talent felt at ease and had plenty of time to work their magic in well-curated experiences,” Campuzano adds. Here’s the 411!

How did you two meet?
Ashley Campuzano: We both grew up in Downey, a suburb outside of Los Angeles that has become an aspirational hub for Latinos. Although we ran in the same circles for many years, we met 10 years ago in Ibiza.

Gregory, we read that you were a blogger in the very early days. Tell us more!
Gregory Dava: I started my blog in 2011, when NYFW was still held at Lincoln Center and editors scoffed at bloggers sitting in the front row. It’s been a wild ride witnessing how the influencer economy has grown into a well-oiled machine. With each year that passes, we’re taken more seriously, with talent even pivoting into the traditional entertainment space and launching Fortune 500 companies. It’s inspiring! As well as co-founding AG Experiential, I also have a photography business and frequently consult brands on digital and influencer strategy.


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Why and when did you decide to become a full-time content creator?
Dava: I worked as a PR assistant, styling assistant, and showroom manager. Blogging—as it was referred to at the time—seemed like a culmination of everything I was already working toward…but with better hours! I signed to my first agency in 2015, quit my job, and never looked back. In retrospect, it was a risk as the industry wasn’t anywhere near as stable or lucrative as it is today, but the leap of faith paid off.

Ashley, what’s your career backstory?
Ashley Campuzano: I started acting and dancing at a young age and was a part of some amazing productions, both onstage and on-screen. At age 22, I booked a regular role on the Daytime Emmy–nominated Hulu series East Los High, and was on the show for four seasons. That catapulted me into the influencer world, and I was approached to start working with brands. I parlayed that passion into starting my own social media management company, AC Creative, where I help to build small business brands through social media content creation and creative direction.

What was the brain wave for AG Experiential?
Campuzano: Traveling is a big key to AG Experiential. We wanted to take talent and brands to the most beautiful places we have found and create magical activations for talent to experience and organically create brand awareness.

Dava: We believe that just as cultural trends are important, so are the people who shape them. With the return of travel, we felt we could create experiences for brands and influencers that transcend beyond the screen and move the needle for our clients. I also had preexisting relationships with brands and love to wheel and deal. Ashley is the queen of planning and logistics, so it seemed like a no-brainer to join forces. We are a great business match.


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What’s the goal for your agency?
Dava: At the moment, we’re slated to produce one major trip each quarter. In between these larger productions, we’re hoping to ideate and execute more intimate activations surrounding major pop culture events, like Fashion Week, Art Basel, and Frieze.

What do you think the future of experiential marketing and social media marketing will look like?
Dava: In a recent Harris poll, 78 percent of respondents said they would choose to spend their money on an experience or event over buying something desirable. We always encourage brands to spend on experiences because when they do, they’re no longer selling a product—they’re selling an idea, a feeling, a moment.


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Campuzano: Social media marketing is certainly not going anywhere, but the medium is shifting. Video is king and audiences are more drawn to content that is less curated.

What’s your vibe for the rest of summer 2022 in one word?
Dava: As we say in Spanish, “Paz y tranquilidad” [peace and tranquility]!
Campuzano: Gozar! A Spanish term that means “to enjoy oneself.”

Let’s Go To Careyes!

AG Experiential produced its first trip in Costa Careyes, an enclave tucked away on the Pacific coast of Mexico in Jalisco. As children of Mexican immigrants, co-founders Gregory Dava and Ashley Campuzano wanted to showcase the culture and beauty of the country, and highlight this destination and the eclectic mix of creative powerhouses and bons vivants it attracts. “It’s not just body shots on spring break,” Dava says. “Mexico has an abundance of luxury to offer.” The excursion brought together Jill Wallace, Nicole Isaacs, Solmaz Saberi, Kylee Campbell, Loreen Hwang, Christina Caradona, and Janette Ok. “We did a total buyout at Casa La Ceiba and hosted private beach picnics, sound baths, brunch, and beauty sessions,” the duo explain. Brands that took part included Alaska Airlines, Sexy Hair, Fabletics, Astral Tequila, and Willa. Stay tuned for AG Experiential’s next trip in October. For more info, check out @agexperiential on IG.

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