The Woman Behind The @CondeElevator Twitter Account Is…

by The Daily Front Row

Remember the @CondeElevator Twitter account? Those were the days! Today, the identity of the woman behind it all has been revealed and it’s Sally Singer. Just kidding. It’s actually former GQ associate editor Lauren Bans who “came out” on Twitter today as the mastermind behind the account that still has 75.6K followers even after being inactive since August 2011. Bans tweeted hilarious observations from 4 Times Square, such as, “Girl #1: Where’d you go on vacation? Girl #2: The south of France. Girl #1: Oh, I’ve heard good things!” Now we’ll have to see if a book deal will be in the cards for Bans. (After all, that’s what happened to that dude behind @GSElevator, whose big reveal was covered by The NY TimesAndrew Ross Sorkin yesterday, prompting Bans to ‘fess up…)

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