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The Daily Does the H&M x Balmain Pre-Shop and Barely Survives

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The Daily’s very own contributing writer Kassidy Silva experienced the H&M Balmaination firsthand. Here, she recounts the tale of her unforgettable evening…

Last night, I was one of the (many) lucky ones invited to the Balmain x H&M pre-shop event at their 5th Avenue digs. As a serial H&M collab fanatic, I browsed the collection for days, up until the moment I left my office at 6 p.m. last night. Naturally, I formulated a plan of attack. This is what happened…

The Wait: As I arrived in Balmain heaven, I was shocked by how many chicsters and press previewers were waiting in line to get their hands on the collection. I joined them, peering in the windows to plan my direct route to all of the pieces I had been drooling over for weeks. After 30 minutes or so, my group was admitted, and the force that pushed from the back of the crowd literally sent me sailing into a rack of jacquard blouses (not the worst thing to fall into, plus I found my size).

Forgetting the Game Plan: The moment I hit the floor, I grabbed anything within reach. While I don’t condone pushing, there is only so much that can keep me separated from thigh-high suede boots and oversized beaded jackets. It was a sea of fashionistas losing their minds in beaded glory.

The Initial Haul: Anything I could touch that came close to my size, I seized. A size too small? That’s what Spanx were made for. I managed to snag three mini dresses, an oversized coat, a top that could blind you with shimmer, a satin vest, two pairs of pants, and the ever coveted Balmain Paris Tee.

The Post-Haul Line Exchange: With am armful of goods, I approached the register and, trying not to calculate my total, I discovered the most glorious part of the evening: what I dub “the line exchange.” The real wheeling and dealing took place between bins of holiday socks and tempting bins of knick-knacks. Here is where the real merch got thrown around. I traded a black satin vest for a red block-colored dress and I thought I saw a thin veil of tears in the girl’s eyes. I scored enough deals in line that after my first check out, I circled back with more garb simply to continue my exchange.

Utter Bliss: I paraded my two hefty black and gold bags down Fifth Avenue until I found a cab that could carry those babies home. I happen to also live next to an H&M, and as I emerged from my taxi I was hit with a wave of fear as all eyes in the line outside targeted my two bags. I quickly turned around, taking an extended detour home at a brisk jog to get my newly purchased gems home. As I stepped into my apartment I immediately dropped everything and began tearing through my new collection to try it on at lightning speed, all ending with me collapsed on my bed covered in Balmain, in a state of designer bliss. Farewell $1,200.

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