Tanya Taylor Spring 2015

by Dena Silver

Tanya Taylor took the whole “fashion is cyclical” adage to heart for Spring. How so? She was influenced by circles, a concept that then spiraled into her use of pinwheels throughout. A concept that could read as kitschy instead translated to retro, especially in a color palette that focused mainly on black, white, and neon orange. But just because the collection was sans kitsch didn’t mean it wasn’t fun; from the orange lucite handbags to Taylor‘s take on a windbreaker, this collection was definitely for the girl who doesn’t take her style too seriously. Furthering that point were unexpected cutouts, revealing a flash of ribcage on a black embroidered dress. Or a flouncy white skirt paired with a proper sweater, a peek of a collar debuting up top. A particularly strong piece this season was a traffic-stopping orange moto coat. Keep your eyes peeled for this one to take the streets in no time.

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