Sunday Funday with Milly’s Michelle Smith

by The Daily Front Row

The Daily checks in with Milly’s Michelle Smith on summer surfing musts…

“As much as I love to lay on the beach on a hot summer day, a girl’s gotta earn her rosé calories! I’m hard-pressed to think of a better Sunday Funday than surf lessons and beach bummin’ at Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk. It’s known for its refreshing lack of attitude, and the super long surf break makes this beach ideal for newbies and veteran longboarders alike. Here’s my Ditch Plains Surfing Safari cheat sheet:

THE LESSONS: Look no further than Corey’s Wave, which was founded by expert surfer Corey Serese. His team is known for their passion for teaching, as well as their deep love of the ocean and surfing. Instructors will advise you on best surf times based upon your skill level, and they’re also great at teaching kids. They’re all excellent surfers, great teachers, and total hotties, so essentially, you can’t go wrong, but some popular instructors include John, Chris, Tom, Pat and Eric…not to mention Corey himself!

THE GEAR: Kristin, Corey Wave’s Total Beach Babe In Residence, will set you up with your lesson and provide you with all the gear you need, such as wetsuits, water socks, and yes, surfboards.

POST-SURFING: Lay out on the beach and chill! You’re going to be completely exhausted after your lesson. I’m not kidding! Paddling out against the waves is a cardio workout unlike any other. So afterward, just rest, soak up some rays, and enjoy the unique Ditch Plains vibes.

BEACH EATS: The Ditch Witch food truck is the bomb. Order the black bean burrito with extra cheese and wash it down with a signature Wicked Half Half—half iced tea, half lemonade.

AND THEN: Stay on the beach into the evening and enjoy the Montauk sunset, listen to the bongo and guitar music filling the air, and then cozy up to that bonfire down the way. Manhattan can wait.”

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