“Stranger Things” Star Sadie Sink Walks the Undercover Show at Paris Fashion Week

by Charles Manning

Mad Max is a model, you guys!

Sadie Sink, the 15-year-old star of Stranger Things, season 2, walked in the Undercover show today in Paris, wearing a red hoodie and matching red sweatpants with Undercover x Nike sneakers. She also had a red crystal-encrusted beanie. You know… for the glamour!

Sadie Sink, Undercover fall 2018 (FirstView)

Sadie fully committed to her role on the catwalk, giving her best, hardened, no-smile model face. Work it, Sadie, work it!

Sadie Sink, Undercover fall 2018 (FirstView)

She also wore this green satin baseball jacket and some off-white pleated pants with a big printed scarf and green baseball cap.

Sadie Sink, Undercover fall 2018 (FirstView)

Again, her serious model-face game was on-point.

Sadie Sink, Undercover fall 2018 (FirstView)

Sadie closed the show too,  wearing a green rubberized rain parka emblazoned with the phrase “Total Youth” on the front left breast and “enjoy it, because it’s happening,” on the right, down by the hem.

Sadie Sink, Undercover fall 2018 (FirstView)

The rest of the models in the finale wore similar outfits, all of them in coordinating Wellington Boots with the phrase “We are Infinite” printed on the front.

Undercover fall 2018 (FirstView)

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