Would You Spend $10K on a Jacket? Well, It Is Valentino…

by The Daily Front Row


The New York Goop Mrkt (Gwyneth Paltrow‘s pop-up fash/beauty/lifestyle store) has opened its doors at The Shops at Columbus Circle. Alas no sign of Gwynnie, but The Daily did go on an undercover mission—it’s actually rather lovely and well worth a look—and came up-close-and-personal with the Wonder Woman-inspired line by Valentino. Clearly not wanting to bother with Black Friday discounts and without even a whiff of hesitation at dropping $10,500, one woman grabbed a black gabardine chino military style jacket embroidered with stars (above) right off the rack and promptly marched to the register. “I don’t try on,” she exclaimed before handing over her card and flying off in her cape (OK we made that last bit up, but the transaction is all true).

Here’s more eye candy from the Valentino does Wonder Woman does Gwyneth collection.





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eleonora November 25, 2015 - 8:19 PM

Sorry, but I saw absolutely nothing in that Goop store that I would want to buy. The lady who bought the $10,000 Valentino jacket has to be a bit crazy!!


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