Sonia By Sonia Rykiel’s Chic, Stripe-Filled Vid

by Eddie Roche
Sonia Rykiel

Our friends at Sonia By Sonia Rykiel collaborated with Parisian filmmaker Charlotte de Champfleury on a video showing off their stripe-y Fall/Winter collection. The film was shot at the Don Camillo Cabaret rue des Saints Pères in Paris with actress Charlotte Mangel showing off her stripes in the short conveniently called Diva Stripes. de Champfleury was asked to deliver a personal interpreatation on the theme of stripes, which are the most favored motif of Rykiel. What’d she come up with? According to a release, “Diva Strips is the idle fantasy of a well-heeled young lady. Her back may be straight for the strict rhythms of the piano lesson’s metronome, but daydreams of far less decorum bubble beneath the surface.” And here you were going to watch the video without knowing that…

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