Sofia Richie on Skincare, Nip+Fab, and Lionel’s Beauty Rules

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It girl and fashion darling Sofia Richie has announced a new partnership with Maria Hatzistefani‘s skincare line Nip+Fab. Naturally, we needed the scoop on her dad Lionel Richie‘s most trusted beauty tips (as well as her skincare routine). 

Sofia, how did you end up partnering with Nip+Fab?
I had been using Nip+Fab products for a few years, so it was really exciting for me that they wanted to work with me. I haven’t always been into makeup, but over the years, from working, I kind of got into it. I’ve been in clothes-driven campaigns—this was all about my face, skin, and hair. Usually, I’m having to show off the clothes on my body rather than what’s on my face.

When were you first introduced to skincare and makeup?
I was 13. I got my first pimple and my dad [Lionel Richie] pulled me aside and was like, “I think it’s that time in your life when you’re going to need to take care of your skin.” All the girls in school started wearing makeup and I started watching tutorials on YouTube. My dad’s a complete skin freak. He probably masks and goes to the dermatologist more than I do.

What’s the best tip he’s given you?
Considering I wear makeup and he’s always around my sisters who work in the same industry and always wearing makeup, he’s always told us to clean our skin as much as we can and definitely don’t sleep in your makeup! He would literally disown me if I did that.

Tell us about your beauty routine!
I always scrub my skin after I wear makeup with facial scrub. My skin’s very dry, so before I sleep I put grapeseed oil on my face along with moisturizer. During the day I put oils around my eyes and mouth just so I make sure I’m getting hydrated.

What products can you not live without?
Face cream and eyebrow gel!

Do your fans ask you a lot of beauty questions?
They do! Lots of skincare questions, mostly. My routine isn’t that exciting so I never really know what to say [laughs] but I’m just a freak about keeping it clean.

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