10 Skincare Tools to Invest in Right Now

by Tangie Silva

As the iconic Truvy Jones (aka our favorite new bedtime storyteller, Dolly Parton) said in Steel Magnolias, “Honey, time marches on, and sooner or later you realize it’s marching across your face!” Well thanks to the miracles of modern technology, the beauty industry is offering up plenty of at-home tools, just in time for this era of self-isolation. So you can’t see your dermatologist or go-to a spa technician? Here’s what to stock up on now to help keep your face fresh!

1. DR. DENNIS GROSS DRx Sprectra Lite FaceWare Pro, $435
Go full futuristic with this high-tech mask. It will smooth fine lines and wrinkles, firm skin, reduce sun spots, even skin tone, calm redness…and on and on. It’s a one-stop investment piece. Just cleanse and select a light setting for the treatment you want for 3 minutes. Follow up with serum and moisturizer.

2. FOREO UFO smart mask, $199
Besides battling aging skin it also kills bacteria while brightening your complexion. The mask combines temperature, pulsation intensity, and LED wavelengths into a 90-second treatment. You’ll just need to download the app so you can select whatever treatment you need — think H2 Overdose, Glow Addict, Shimmer Freak — pick the coordinating mask and out of this world you go.

3. GUERLAIN Orchidee Imperial Facial Lymphatic Massage Roller, $95
Granted, it’s supposed to be used with the brand’s anti-aging night serum, but you can use it day or night and with any serum of your choosing. As with other facial rollers, it helps with lymphatic drainage (natch!) and reduces puffiness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply light pressure and work outwards from the center of the face focusing on the points around your mouth, temples, and between the eyebrows.

4. TERESA TARMEY Cryo-ball, $290
If it’s good enough for Kate Moss, it’s good enough for the rest of us! Moss turned to London-based facialist Teresa Tarmey prior to the MET Gala in 2018 for her legendary Ice-Lift Facial, which is now available as a more affordable at-home treatment. The kit comes with a special facial roller ball you put in the freezer to prep, along with a mask, toner, and gel for a true luxe at-home experience.

5. REFA Clear Cleansing Tool, $300
The ion cleansing brings all impurities to the surface without damaging your skin using 3D sonic motion via an elliptical brush that shakes dirt, makeup, and other grime out of your pores with varying vibrations. Plus, it’s safe for the bathtub or shower! Choose from three different settings: soft, clean, and deep depending on what you want to accomplish each day and get it all done in under 60 seconds.

6. DERMAFLASH Dermapore Extractor & Serum Infuser, $100
The ultrasonic device not only unclogs pores it helps deliver serums and creams directly into the skin.

7. SKININC Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++, $295
Want more than the double-action above? This is a multi-colored rave for your skin in the privacy of your bathroom with 5 different light settings including Revive, Soothe, Optimize, Sculpt, and Glow. But be warned: you’re only supposed to use it for up to 10 minutes at a time and no more than twice a day.

8. MDNA SKIN Rejuvenator Mask Set, $600
Pricey? Yes! But Madonna knows what she’s doing. Just make sure you read the directions first! The step-by-step process is intense. Besides ultra-hydration, skin should also show heightened lift and firmness once you’re done. And the Montecatini clay (volcanic ash slowly steeped in Montecatini thermal “holy” water) will purify without causing any dryness.

9. QUASARMD Clear Rayz, $199
There’s only so much that silk pillow covers and the normal cleansing routine can do for stubborn breakouts or acne spots. This LED blue light kills bacteria sans chemicals, side effects, or down time. Flip it over and the red light will reduce inflammation and redness. It’s also cleared for all skin types.

10. PMD Personal Microderm PRO, $199
Slough off all dull skin with this hand-held powerhouse of spinning discs filled with aluminum oxide crystals which promotes blood flow and new cell growth. Paired with a calibrated vacuum suction, it also boosts collagen, leaving your skin perfectly prepped for serum or moisturizer.

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