Sies Marjan Fall/ Winter 2017

by The Daily Front Row

Should you hit the town or curl up on a chaise and take a sweet slumber in Sies Marjan’s silky wonderland? How about both? The beauty of Sander Lak’s splendidly colorful creations lies in their ease and wearability. Want to have the crowd at Mr. Chow (uptown) swivel their heads as you descend the staircase? Try one of Lak’s fuchsia or orange creamsicle furs. Or breeze through the entrance to the Top of the Standard in a fresh mint green silk gown, head straight to the roof, and let it blow in the wind. A kaleidoscope of colors so delicious you could—and should—just eat them up! Congrats, Sander—you have officially become a highlight of the NYFW calendar.

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