Sarah Jessica Parker On Tweeting From Strange Places and Not Reading Reviews

by The Daily Front Row

Perhaps you’ve heard that Sarah Jessica Parker is putting her stiletto knowledge to the test by delving into the world of shoe design. With George Malkemus, Manolo Blahnik’s CEO, as her business partner, she’s perfected the art of the single sole stiletto and has taken the design process of her namesake collection, SJP, to heart. Before the collection launches to the public exclusively at Nordstrom on February 28th, we had a few questions to ask Carrie’s alter ego.

You made a big social media push to launch the shoes. How’d that go?
Well, it was big for me, not for others! Everyone on my team was like ‘Why are you being so shy about this?’ and my friends were like ‘You have to tweet more and push more!’ But I’m not good at doing that; it makes me feel embarrassed. So, my assistant Melissa and I do all of the social media by ourselves, everyday.

Why did you feel it was important?
I don’t know necessarily that it will translate to anything. I think it was a way of talking about a collection. We don’t have a budget for marketing or advertising, and we don’t have the means to take out an ad in Vogue. But it was a fun way of talking about the collection and introducing it to a group of women and men. George [Malkemus] and I are really proud of what we’ve accomplished! 

Where do you do you social media blitzing?
My bathroom!

Is reading what people are writing about your shoe foray the same as reading reviews of your acting?
I don’t read reviews.

Not even reviews of your SJP kicks?
Nope! If someone’s commenting on Instagram, my eyes will quickly glaze over things. I think the shoe business has a different kind of review, and that’s the consumer that will be in the shoe store. We’ll also talk to our sales team about how things are fitting, feeling, and how they’re lasting. That’s going to be more important than commentary, some of which is unsolicited.

Is there a specific pair in the collection you’ll be saving for your daughters?
I would like to give them more than one pair! My great fear is that they look as if their feet are going to be bigger than mine, and I don’t know what we’re going to do about that. But everything I own is theirs; they won’t have to choose. They can have it all! 

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