Sakara Life’s Chic Founders Share Their Maternity Fashion and Beauty Recs

by Freya Drohan

As the co-founders of A list-approved luxe lifestyle brand Sakara Life, Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise sure know their stuff when it comes to health, wellness, and beauty. But aside from being well versed in everything from vitamins to Vintner’s Daughter, the duo also boast impeccable personal style. Now that the two entrepreneurs find themselves running their business while expecting babies very soon, the Daily called them up to get the lowdown on their sustainable, but chic, approach to maternity wear.

Whitney Tingle

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Home 🙏

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What has your maternity wardrobe M.O. been like?
To be honest, I haven’t invested much in my maternity wardrobe, since we’ve been in quarantine and social events have been cancelled (well, from the waist down anyway). My sister sent me a box of her maternity wear (she has a one-year old) which had some of the essentials in it: a pair of black maternity jeans, over-the-belly maternity leggings and shorts, some breast feeding bras and tanks, a few flowing dresses. That has made things pretty easy for me. I’ve supplemented with a few practical pieces from Free People and a supportive tank from Blanqi, and a few nice purchases from Doen, Hatch, and Frances Hart, which will also all be great postpartum as well.

What does your current maternity wear rotation look like?
I’m currently in Sedona, Arizona where temps reach over 100 on the daily, so my go-to’s lately have been simple workout or tennis-type dresses that have built in bras and I’ll throw a nice long button-down shirt over it as a jacket. And definitely those maternity shorts for hiking. For work, I’m into wearing colorful, close-fitting tops—that look great for Zoom meetings —with flowy wide-leg pants on the bottom that are comfy on the belly for sitting most of the day.

What about beauty? What’s out and what’s in?
Less is more; I’ve really simplified my routine but with very luxurious products! I’ve started incorporating more skin oils into my routine, focusing on nourishing my skin, rather than “fixing” it. When it comes to topicals, I’ve been loving using the Living Libations Seabuckthorn Cleansing Moisturizer as my oil cleanser, followed by Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence and ‎Active Botanical Serum‎. And Goop’s GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator. But the secret is to not stop at topical, true skin health as glow comes from the inside. I swear by our Sakara Complete Probiotic Formula which helps keep the digestive system in check and encourages microbiome health. And I love our Beauty Chocolates for added glow (plus wrinkle protection). Our Sakara Beauty Chocolates contain powerful plant-based phytoceramides that help repair that skin’s natural protective barrier, sealing in moisture and improving overall skin texture and appearance. They have also really helped the appearance of my acne scars.

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Skincare during quarantine. It has been looking quite different for me. I’m feeling out of my normal routine. I don’t have access to – or honestly am just not motivated to – do all the things I normally do to maintain my glow. No monthly facials, no microneedling (shoutout to my girls at @jectnyc). I’ve really simplified things. But am really enjoying it. And am REALLY into oils for the summer. Current skincare routine: -Goop Glow Pads for exfoliation 1x per week – Living Libations Seabuckthorn Cleansing Moisturizer 1-2x per day as an oil cleanser – Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence at night – Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum morning and night I got them all on the @goop website (as part of my quarantine retail therapy). Would love to hear if/how your skincare routine has changed at all during this time! . @goop @livinglibations @vintnersdaughter #skincare #cleanbeauty #sakaralife #exfoliate #moisturizer

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In terms of shoes, what has been your new go-to?
Since being home in Sedona, I have traded in my high heels and other city shoes for some classic Tevas (I have them in three styles) and my APL sneakers. If I want to feel more dressed or put together, I have been wearing my ATP Atelier sandals that I have in black (thong style) and red (tie around the ankle).

What about activewear?
I love my Spiritual Gangster crop tank and leggings. These pieces have been moving with me as my body changes over the last few months and are great for early morning walks. And then actual maternity wear pieces from Blanqi which have added support as my belly grows! I’ve also been using a swimsuit from Koral activewear, as swimming is my new activity of choice!

Where are you willing to splurge, and what are you saving on?
I’m willing to splurge on a few simple pieces that help me feel put together for photoshoots, Zoom meetings, or my upcoming baby shower. Or staple pieces that I know I’ll live in like a Hatch dress or jumpsuit. I’m saving most everywhere else.

When it comes to maternity brands, has Danielle given you any pro tips?
Danielle introduced me to Hatch, I love how their styles transition throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Do you aim to make sustainable choices for all of your maternity wardrobe?
I’ve realized that I don’t need much in terms of a maternity wardrobe; simply a few quality pieces that I can rotate through. I feel better knowing I’m not filling my closet with clothes I’ll only wear once or twice.

Danielle DuBoise

What has your maternity wardrobe M.O. been like?
I get my essentials from Hatch and I still have some from baby #1. But mostly I try to wear what I own until I’m popping seams! Lots of slip dresses and fringe jackets.

Are there staples you discovered while pregnant with Star that you instantly reached for again this time?
Yes—get sexy pajamas and a robe that will fit throughout. I love Fleur du Mal, Sleeper, and a few others I’ve found on Goop. You’re home more, and I found wearing PJs and robes that made me feel sexy and feminine helped so much with my mental state.

What does your current maternity wear rotation look like?
Slip dresses of every kind, paired with a fringe jacket or a black tube dress with a kimono.

Do you aim to make sustainable choices with all of your maternity wardrobe?
95% of my closet is second hand, so yes! There is so much beautiful clothing out there that’s second hand and you get to support small, local businesses. There’s also a big second hand maternity market out there! I haven’t tried that out but I hear you can find amazing pieces.

What about your beauty routine? What’s out and what’s in?
Keeping things simple! I’ve been exfoliating every morning with Dr. Goldfaden Scrub then use Barbara Sturm Antiaging Serum, and Vintner’s Daughter Serum. If I have some extra time and want to do something a little more luxurious, I’ll steam my face over a boiling pot with two-three bags of Sakara Detox Tea inside. It’s very high in antioxidants and steaming always helps my pores. I’m sure it’s no surprise, but nourishing my body properly is so crucial to my beauty routine, as I know it affects how my body functions, feels, and looks. I’ve been making it a priority to drink 20 oz. of water first thing in the morning with Sakara Beauty Water Drops added in. Skincare truly starts with what we put into our bodies. These drops help make your water more absorbable by your cells, allowing for more hydration. For special occasions, I’ve been loving Saie Mascara – it’s completely clean and really makes my eyes pop!

In terms of shoes, what has been your go-to?
Astara is my go-to. They use beautiful crystals and match them to gorgeous slide on shoes that make these puffy toes look cute!

What about activewear?
I just wear leggings I already own but keep them below the belly and pair with a sports bra. No fuss. I love Bandier, Alo Yoga, and Michi.

Where are you willing to splurge, and what are you saving on?
Splurge: Pajamas from Goop and a slip dress from Rhode.  Save: everything else from second hand!

What are your favorite ‘new mom’ finds so far?
Artipoppe baby carriers are life changing—both for you and babe. I didn’t realize owning one would define how I mother. But it did. I carried [daughter] Star EVERYWHERE and we have the sweetest, tightest bond and I’ll forever cherish all those moments I got to keep her so close and tight.

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