Well Delivered! With Sakara Life’s Danielle DuBoise And Whitney Tingle

by Alexandra Ilyashov

The Sakara Life founders give us the scoop on their haute delivery service, and why they’ve brought it out East… 

Give us the hard sell!
Danielle: We’re not a one-off meal delivery you order here and there. Our clients come to us for results, whether that’s feeling more powerful, increased energy, clearer skin, or more free time.

Why head to the Hamptons?
Whitney: A ton of our clients move out East for the summer. We didn’t want our clients to worry about what to eat—especially during bikini season!

You’ve got such a chic following of fashionettes! What’s the appeal?
Whitney: We make food fun, beautiful and stylish! Each meal is designed to make you feel sexy.
Danielle: Our clients are busy! They want to feel and look good, but they don’t have time to take care of themselves. We like to think of ourselves as Sakara Mamas.

What are your hautest dishes?
Danielle: The Red Beet Burger and Sweet Potato Superfood Bowl.

Local haunts, please!
Whitney: Jack’s in the morning, and afternoon BBQ at Katie Lee’s house.
Danielle: I love the Crow’s Nest and Wolffer Winery.
Go to SakaraLife.com to check out menus and place your orders! 

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