Remi Barbier’s French Guide To The Hamptons

by Eddie Roche


As the publicist for CR Fashion Book (and Carine Roitfeld intimate), Remi Barbier rubs shoulders with every major player in fashion. On the weekends, he heads to Southampton to spend time with his super-chic granny. How does this sexy francais spend his days? Answers, from the Daily Summer, below.

Typical schedule: “You will not find me at Ralph Lauren buying a T-shirt on a Saturday. I’ll be riding my horse, in the garden, on the beach, spending time with my grandma, eating good food, and chilling.”

Best beach: “My grandmother introduced me to the European beach here. Most of the people who go there are from Italy and France. There are dogs everywhere, and everybody talks to one another. Last time I was there, I met some people from Paris.”

Beloved barn: “I ride at Two Trees Farm in Bridgehampton. I see Mary-Kate Olsen there a lot. I usually go on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes it’s hard to get out, because of shoots for the magazine, but riding feeds my spirit. I have a horse in Burgundy, but I wouldn’t move it to the Hamptons. You have to really find time to be there for them. It’s not like a car that you park in the garage.”

Eats of choice: “I love La Parmigiana in Southampton. It’s not chichi at all. It’s similar to a restaurant I used to go to in my village in Burgundy, France—it’s very family-oriented. I order the pizza, eggplant, and pasta. I also like Le Charlot, which just opened. It’s great! I used to go to Sant Ambroeus, but I don’t like to do things that I do in the city. I’d rather go to small restaurants and farms to get vegetables.”

Produce purveyors: “Schmidt Bros. I always buy fruits, vegetables, and ice cream.”

Libation: “I prefer rosé from Provence, but I usually drink white wine like Chablis or Sancerre. I’m obsessed with Sancerre. Since I met Carine [Roitfeld], I’ve fallen in love with vodka. She has this very chic way of drinking it on the rocks.”

Dream ride: “I’m obsessed with all the Jeeps out here. I want a black one. I find them very sexy.”

Ideal conversationalist: “My grandma. We can speak about everything from work, politics, economics, film, relationships, to sex. I have huge respect for people and this generation. I always learn a lot by talking to them. They’ve experienced so much. My grandparents in Burgundy are more open-minded than my parents! I feel very lucky to have them.”

Local escape: “I love Lake Agawam in Southampton. I’m obsessed with the sunset, so I’m always checking my phone to see what time it is so I don’t miss it.”

Signature dish: “I like to make eggs Benedict in the morning.”

Summer is… “White T-shirts, blue denim shorts, vintage movies, friends, and family time.”

Words of wisdom: “Stay home. Being in the country is a luxury.”

Hamptons gripe: “I know about luxury and glamour, and I’ve learned a lot from my boss, who is the queen, so I hate seeing women with a Hermès bag and 10-inch heels out here. It’s a bit too much!”

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