Quiz: Are You A Beauty Addict?

by Alexandra Ilyashov

Fresh from the pages of The Daily Summer! If you spend more time primping in the bathroom than relaxing at the beach, it might be time to tone it down…

1. Who is Pat Wexler?

A. One of my mom’s friends from college.

B. That kooky stylist from Sex and the City.

C. Someone I’ll call when I get really desperate.

D. The reason I’m still renting.

2. What’s your idea of a beauty nightmare?

A. Getting lotion stains on my silk tops.
The worst!

B. Streaky self-tanner.

C. Duck lips.

D. When Dr. Aston puts me on hiatus.

3. How much will you throw down for

A. The sun doesn’t charge.

B. A full box costs less than $20 if I use my CVS card!

C. No more than $350 per appointment. I get  a full head’s worth! 

D. Dunno. I stopped asking when I upped my frequency to every three weeks. 

4. Who is John Demsey?

A. A legendary boxer.

B. A regular on the social circuit.

C. Alina Cho’s bestie.

D. One of the main reasons Lauder is on fire. 

5. What’s your preferred method of
weight loss?

A. Diet.

B. Diet and exercise.

C. Diet pills.

D. Zeltiq CoolSculpting™

6. Thoughts on Botox?

A. Wrinkles are the signs of a life well-lived!

B. I’m not opposed.

C. When used sparingly, it’s a lifesaver. 

D. It’s maintenance!

7. What is Tracie Martyn best known for?

A. Marrying Michael J. Fox.

B. Reshaping Gwyneth’s post-baby body.

C. Making fabulous 100 percent natural
skin-care products.

D. The Resculpting Facial. Have you seen Kate Winslet?!

8. What’s your secret to lush lashes?

A. Clear mascara. 

B. A triple coat of Great Lash. Sometimes,
a quadruple.

C. Eyelash extensions from Courtney Akai. Only $500!

D. Latisse, love. So what if it has turned my eyes a completely different color?

9. What is Into the Gloss?

A. A new Broadway musical.

B. A new launch from the makers of Stila.

C. A blog for beauty insiders. Emily Weiss, j’adore!

D. My favorite new place to buy Darphin toothpaste.

10. Thoughts on cellulite?

A. I’m totally comfortable with my body and
all its so-called “flaws.”

B. I hear even Gisele has it.

C. I’ve tried every cream on the market. Do you know of a new one?

D. The Brazilians just figured it out. I’ve already booked my flight to Rio.


Mostly B’s: You are…SOMEWHAT AWARE!



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