10 Skincare Experts to Follow for Tips and Tricks to Help You Come Out of Quarantine Glowing

by Nandini Vaid

Life as we knew it is currently on pause, but our skincare needs carry on! Here are some of the experts we’re following right now — from dermatologists, to plastic surgeons, skincare consultants, estheticians, and more — who are full of useful advice and product recommendations to keep our skin looking and feeling its best.

1. Dr. Lara Devgan
A quarantine skin reboot is probably something each of us could really use right now, Dr. Devgan is a top board certified plastic surgeon and founder of luxury grade medical skincare line Dr Devgan Scientific Beauty.  She recommends using these four products available from her skincare line to improve your overall skin quality and texture.

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My @devganscientificbeauty 12-Day Retinoid Micropeel 💎💎💎 These are my top 4 products for a Quarantine Skin Reboot. (Full disclosure: I also use the Advanced Revitalizing Cleanser, Microdermabrasion Scrub, and Recovery Cream.) If you are trying to improve your skin quality in a focused manner, the @devganscientificbeauty 🍋 Vit C, 💦 Hyaluronic, 💧 Retinoid Glow Serum, and 👁 Peptide Eye Cream are my top 4 picks. 💎💎💎 For regular usage, I suggest our hyaluronic serum and eye cream in the morning, and our vitamin C serum and retinoid glow serum at night. If you don’t mind a bit of mild peeling and dryness, you can use the retinoid glow serum and vitamin C serum twice a day for a 12-day retinoid micro-peel. 💎💎💎 for a complementary and customized product recommendations, please DM your concerns and a makeup-free photo to @devganscientificbeauty… Read my thoughts on the return to medical grade skin care in my previous post. #sciencemeetsbeauty

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2. Joanna Czech
“Have you been Czeched?” A favorite amongst the A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kadarshian, Phillip Lim, Anna Wintour (and the list goes on), Joanna Czech is a celebrated esthetician and founder of Czech List. In this video Joanna talks about the importance of adding a face massage as a step in your skin care routine and shows the exact technique to follow and tools to use to get the maximum benefits.

3.  Dr Shereene Idriss
For all the skincare advise, you simply need to do yourself a favor and follow Shreene Idriss’s Instagram account, where the board-certified dermatologist with specialization in facial aesthetics and rejuvenation, hosts a #PILLOWTALKDERM chat with her followers every evening, addressing all beauty concerns from acne to skin sagging to rosacea to product recommendations and more. It is safe to say with all the excessive washing of hands,  we all are facing one problem and that is dry hands, she recommends a few products for this on the Covid Skincare highlight bubble on her Instagram page .

4. Dr Kiran Sethi
If you are battling zits or annoying acne at the moment, Dr. Kiran, a dermatologist and skin specialist, has a simple and easy tip to help you get rid of it. Her page is a good one to follow for “Lock Down Skincare” recommendations. She also talks about DIY glow masks made from ingredients found in your fridge.

5. Dr Barabara Sturm
As an aesthetics doctor, Barbara Sturm is widely renowned for her anti-inflammatory philosophy and her non surgical anti-aging skin treatments. Dr Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics product range is the amalgamation of scientifically-driven aesthetic medicine and nature’s reparative contributions. Dr Sturm, along with Emma Roberts, will be hosting Skin School, a 60 minute digital master class to talk about all things skin related, so be sure to tune in for this one.

6. Susan Yara
Beauty blogger and founder of Mixed Makeup, Susan Yara has the perfect skincare routine to follow if you have oily skin. She lists products to use in this step by step night time routine tutorial video.

7. Dr Claire Chang
No better time than right now to reach your skin goals and follow that step-by-step routine you never had the time for. Dr Chang, who is a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, specializing in laser treatments, facial, body contouring and injectable treatments, gives you the complete low down with products (that are pregnancy friendly) and steps for your morning skincare routine to get that glow.

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💫 What better time to take care of your #skin then NOW? Here, I share my current morning #skincareroutine, with an emphasis on 🤰#pregnancyfriendly #skincareproducts for #melasmaprevention and #skinbrightening. 🌞After gentle cleansing, I use a few drops of @skinceuticals CE ferulic, wait a minute to dry, #azelaicacid gel (prescription-based, helps with #acne #melasma #rosacea and #skinlightening), @skinbetter even tone correcting serum, @neocutis Lumiere eye cream, and @eltamdskincare UV clear sunscreen! 🌙 At nighttime, I use @skinmedica Lytera 2.0 instead of #skinbetterscience. If NOT pregnant, I would also use #hydroquinone and #retinoids to help with #melasma and #skinlightening! Don’t forget good #skincare even while staying inside in #quarantine #shelterinplace #pause!! 🏠 #skincaretips #brightskin #healthyskin #melasmatreatment #pregnancyskincare #glowingskin #glassskin #clearskin #loveyourskin #dailyskincare #skincareessentials #dermatologistrecommended

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8. Dr Melissa K Levin
Under eyes are a cause of concern for many as it is a delicate and sensitive skin area, which tends to show the first signs of aging. Dr Melissa Levin Entière talks about under eye care products to use and inclusion of a jade roller that can help to temporarily address puffy eyes and also is a relaxing addition to your self care routine.

9. Caroline Hirons
U.K.-based esthetician, skincare activist, and brand consultant, Caroline Hirons takes a deep dive in this IGTV video discussing all things “retinols.” Watch this informative video and have all your retinol-related questions answered from this expert, who also has a book releasing this June called SkinCare: The Ultimate No-nonsense Guide.

10. Dr Fatima Fahs
If rosacea is a cause of concern for you, dermatology resident Dr. Fahs talks about the myths and facts about the skin condition and recommends a few over the counter products to use, on her Instagram page @dermy_doctor.

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April is Rosacea Awareness Month! . Rosacea is a common, chronic skin condition in which there is inflammation of the mid face. Rosacea can appear as a combination of persistent redness, skin thickening, flushing, bumps, prominent blood vessels and/or eye irritation. . For many patients, these symptoms may be constant, while others are able to associate a trigger such as: ➡️changes in weather, sun exposure, hot drinks, alcohol, spicy foods, emotional stress, or exercise. . The reason why there is an entire month dedicated to this is because approximately 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea and most don't know it! Public education on the condition (like this post!) may help someone seek medical attention before it worsens. . For me personally, as a dermatologist, it is important to provide accurate education on this topic so that I can do my part in promoting greater social acceptance and understanding of rosacea. . ➡️General tips for patients with rosacea are to keep a diary to better understand possible triggering factors, always wear sunscreen and to consider gentle skincare and makeup products. . 💊While there is not a "cure" for rosacea, there are MANY treatment options that a dermatologist can prescribe depending on your specific type and symptoms including topical and oral medications as well as laser therapy. . 🧴Below are some over the counter products that I love for rosacea-prone skin. There are so many to choose from so this list is not exhaustive! These should not be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice! Finding a dermatologist to help you treat your rosacea in a multimodal approach is so incredibly important! . @vanicreamofficial free & clear liquid cleanser @drjart cicapair tiger grass cream @deciem azelaic acid suspension @larocheposayusa toleriane double repair face moisturizer and Rosaliac AR Intense Visible Redness Reducing Serum @smashboxcosmetics Photo Finish Reduce Rendess Primer @dermablendpro quick-fix color correcting concealer and flawless creator lightweight foundation . 🔗For more info on rosacea and #rosaceaawarenessmonth visit www.rosacea.org . 👇Please like, comment and share if you found this post helpful!

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