Peter Dundas on Pucci, Pups, and Ice Cream

by Eddie Roche

Last night in Florence, Emilo Pucci hosted a cocktail party in conjunction with Pitti and the celebration of the 60th anniversary of “Firenze: Hometown of Fashion”,  for the label’s art installation, “Monumental Pucci”, which featured the iconic Battistero sketch on the Baptistery of Piazza San Giovanni building. The installation is inspired by the Battistero scarf from the archives of Pucci, designed by Marquise Emilo Pucci in 1957. We caught up with artistic director Peter Dundas to talk about the exhibition and delve into deep topics like animals and ice cream. 

Thoughts on the exhibition?
You’re bound to feel what I do is the emotion seeing something that dates back so far. It’s still contemporary today, as well.

Where do you live these days?
That’s a big question! I’m partially here in Florence, partially London, and partially Paris. My books are in London and my dogs are in Paris.

What kinds of dogs do you have?
Two labradors named Hannibal and Jack.

Why the name Hannibal?
It’s an old family dog name.

Have you been to Pitti before?
I don’t partake in the fashion part because I’m usually in New York for Resort around this time.

Any Florence tips?
The restaurants are exceptional! Eating ice cream on the Ponte Vecchio at night is a must. Ice cream comes from Florence. When Catherine De Medici wasn’t busy having poisons made, she had ice cream made. It dates back to forever. I’m addicted to ice cream, so I’m in a good place.

What’s your ice cream of choice?
Dark chocolate and licorice. There’s only one place in Florence you can get that: right around the corner from Piazza della Repubblica. They have every flavor you can imagine.

So you have your own supply there?
I might as well. I think I’m the only one who buys it.

Summer plans?
I’m going to Glastonbury. Then a weekend in Ibiza and then an open house at my house in Greece, where I’ll receive friends and family for three weeks in August. It’s a bit of a reunion.

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