Parisian Firsts! With New York Mag’s Véronique Hyland

by Paige Reddinger

At Anthony Vaccarello‘s show at Les Docks at the Cité de la mode in Paris last night, we caught up with Véronique Hyland, fashion news editor at New York‘s The Cut, about her first time at the Paris shows… 

What are your thoughts on Paris?
I love that everyone comes to the shows with their motorcycle helmets in tow. It seems like the chicest way to enter a show. Everyone is wearing black! And I walked in behind Caroline de Maigret, so that was exciting.

Where are you staying?
I’m staying in a lovely boutique hotel in Saint Germain-des-Prés. My room is very tiny. It reminds me of this Dorothy Parker quote about sharing an office with Robert Benchley. She said, “Any closer and it would have been adultery.” So I probably can’t have a big party, but what are you going to do?

Any surprises so far?
I’m surprised that sometimes the invitations arrive the night before. It’s a little harder to have your schedule planned out. All of the invitations are hand-written and delivered by messenger, which is really cool.

What are you looking forward to seeing while you are here?
I’m really excited to see a big show like Chanel, and also to see some of the younger designers, like Jacquemus. I also want to go to The Broken Arm, because they sell a lot of interesting designers. Their  café is also kind of an industry hangout. It’s supposed to be a slightly younger version of Colette. In terms of food, I feel like you can get a really good jambon beurre just on the street here!

How was your flight?
I watched Neighbors and American Hustle. I can’t sleep on flights, so an eight-hour flight is like a quadruple feature for me.

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