NYFWM: N-p-Elliott Fall/Winter 2017

by Sydney Sadick

Nicholas Elliott, the Scottish designer behind N-p-Elliott, showed his Fall/Winter 2017 collection of streetwear today with a futuristic and innovative presentation at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. The designer was inspired by both the androgynous element in the film Orlando, starring Tilda Swinton, and the art direction and costumes in David Lynch’Dune, leading to a collection full of interesting patterns and textures, ranging from a moon-looking print to a deep yellow velvet fabric, plus lots of green and tan. Some of the looks felt like they came right out of a movie—that’s how detailed and thought-out the outfits were, from head-to-toe. Standouts included oversized coats and chunky hoodies, a green, loose t-shirt featuring zipper detailing on the shoulder, and white jeans embellished with geometric appliqués.

The mods lined up against a white wall as a Japanese musician played the theremin, an electro-magnetic instrument. Some of the men had their faces painted where glasses would sit. “We want to create almost fine art pieces that you would collect. I’m definitely a bit of a fantasy, sci-fi geek and it totally informs almost everything that I do,” Elliot told us on where he looks for design inspiration. “I also find religious practice kind of interesting. I don’t believe in it, but from a sociological point of view, I find it fascinating how it informs how people dress.”

N-p-Elliott is one of nine Platform 3 Emerging Men’s Designer contestants in The Daily’Up Next competition with Samsung.

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