Nick Jonas On Christmas Traditions, His Solo Album, And Crazy Fan Encounters

by The Daily

In case you’ve missed it, Nick Jonas is totally back in action. Last week, Lord & Taylor celebrated their new Christmas window displays with a special performance and a chance to meet the heartthrob, which we took total advantage of. And apparently, the gaggle of teenage girls eagerly awaiting his arrival had the same idea. During his chat with your Daily, the singer and ex-boy band member told us about his recently released eponymous solo album, practicing martial arts skills for his gig on the TV show Kingdom, and spending time with his family in New Jersey. It’s safe to say this solo Jonas brother is Burnin’ Up the charts, pun intended…

Tell us a little about your album!
It was really exciting for me to take this step out on my own and push myself musically. I wanted fuse some of my older influences, like  Stevie Wonder and Prince with some more modern stuff like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. That kind of vibe allowed me to create a sound that’s just me and share my heart in this music. I’m thrilled to be stepping out as a solo artist.

If you had to pick a favorite track on the album, what would it be?
It’s tough to pick one. I feel like it’s picking a favorite kid or something! But there’s a song called “Push” that I love; it’s personal to me. And then “Jealous” is a favorite of mine as well.

Can we expect to see you on tour anytime soon?
I’m hoping to go on tour and we’re trying to build those plans now. It’s all up in the air because I did this TV show Kingdom which is out now and it got picked up for two more seasons, so I’ll be working my schedule around that.

Do you have any holiday traditions?
Watching Elf is one; it’s kind of a staple in my house. And spending time with family is the best.

Your fans are going crazy! What’s the most insane encounter you’ve had?
A couple of years ago someone jumped in the back of our car trunk. We didn’t realize it until we got to the hotel that they were in the car! That was pretty bizarre.

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