Movin' On Up! With Interview's New EIC, Keith Pollock

by The Daily Front Row

Today is Keith Pollock’s one-week anniversary of officially being Interview‘s new EIC...aka, the perfect excuse to whip out this catch-up from fash week with the Daily-adored ed! 

You’re back with the Brants!
It’s great! The joke’s been that I went from ELLE to Interview, back to ELLE, to DuJour, back to Interview. In a few years, I might wind up back at DuJour, that’s the way I roll. [Laughs] 

So how did the mag snag you?
I wasn’t really looking to leave. I’ve stayed in touch with Kelly Brant [online director and Peter Brant’s daughter] since I worked there last. We had lunch and she brought up the job; she knew I loved the magazine. It was very flattering, but it didn’t make a ton of sense at first. I wouldn’t take a job that didn’t absolutely terrify me.

Do you know your predecessor, Stephen Mooallem?
We were in many meetings together when I was at Brant before. He’s brilliant, and he’s a really strong editor. 

What will you miss about DuJour?
Nicole [Vecchiarelli] and I were perfectly paired. To say we’re great friends is an understatement. I’ll miss her terribly. 

Who’s on your shortlist of Interview interview subjects?
It’d be pretty wild to interview Joni Mitchell.

How do you feel about the mag’s founder, Andy Warhol?
As a cultural figure, he’s unparalleled. I don’t own a Warhol yet, though.

What’s your secret to being a second-time EIC at the ripe age of 34?
It sounds corny, but I’ve been so lucky to have worked with people that believe in me. Robbie Myers has been my number one supporter since the day I met her. Jason [Binn], too.

Have you read Interview forever?
No joke, I have four copies of Interview from the ’70s and ’80s on my coffee table: Diana Vreeland, Bette Midler, Cher, and Liza Minnelli. It does not get gayer than that.

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