15 Up-and-Coming Models Reveal Their Jet Lag-Recovery Strategies

by The Daily Front Row

Model Lounge partnered with Kodak Printomatic and Solid and Striped to host an afternoon party on the rooftop of The Dominick on Friday with some of the modeling industry’s most promising rising stars enjoying a day off at the pool, despite the unseasonably cool temperatures. The Daily stopped by and posed an important question to all the beautiful world-travelers: How do you overcome jet lag?

1. Esti van Balen, Fusion Models
Drink two liters of water on the plane.

Eva Hooft and Esti Van Balen (@Joragphoto)

2. Mackinley Hill, IMG Models

Mackinley Hill (@Joragphoto)

3. Allyson Chalmers, IMG Models 
This doesn’t sound good, but I like pulling all-nighters.

4. Alice First, Elite Model Management
Regulating sleeping/eating schedule according to the new time zone.

(Left to Right) Lily Nova, Alice First, Allyson Chalmers, Mackinley Hill (@Joragphoto)

5. Kelsey Merritt, Supreme Management
Melatonin and choosing a good flight, one where you can sleep through it.

Kelsey Merritt (@Joragphoto)

6. Jessica Whitlow, New York Model Management
Sleep on the plane.

7. Mary Tish, Muse
Eat low sodium and low carbs. When you land, wash your face and change your clothes.

8. Tiffany Hirth, Wilhelmina
Staying awake until 8pm after landing and working out either before or after the flight.

Rafa Consenting, Tiffany Hirth and Kelsey Merritt (@Joragphoto)

9. Laurien van der Holst, Fusion
Go to sleep early and use melatonin.

10. Lily Nova, IMG Models 
I like drinking Earl Grey tea. Hairy Lemon tablets are also amazing.

11. Alice First, Elite
Regulating my sleeping and eating schedule to the new time zone.

12. Katrina Kruglova, One
Sleep. I don’t really get jet lagged though.

Katrina Kruglova

13. Sarah Kaufmann, Major Models
Drinking apple cider vinegar shots and Airborne.

14. Cayley King, The Lions
Sleep and Netflix. My favorite shows are How I Met your Mother, Friends, and Californication.

Cayley King

15. Carmen Ceclan, Wilhelmina
Stay awake until you can’t anymore and sleep through the night. Don’t nap!

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