Mind Matters! With Barneys’ Senior Fashion Director Tomoko Ogura

by Dena Silver

Wonder what fashion month is really like for Barneys New York senior fashion director Tomoko Ogura? Well,  she’s got a crazy-good memory, for starters… 

How do you remember looks that you like on the runway?
I notice things that are slightly off on the looks I love, like an earring that’s falling out of the model’s ear. Or that her lipstick is smudged.

Do you have a photographic memory?
Yes, especially when it comes to clothing! When you’re touching things and you remember things that you felt negatively towards, those are the things that always stick with me.

What’s the one beauty look you’ll never rock?
Too much eye shadow never looks good on me. But I love Tatcha products, especially their face mist.

What’s the one thing that falls to the wayside during fashion month for you?
I always forget to talk to my parents!

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