7 Miami-Based Influencers You Need to Know

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Miami Influencers

The 305 has plenty going for it — ample sunshine, gorgeous beaches, great dining and nightlife, a lively arts scene… and ultra-cool influencers, guaranteed to fill your feed with loads of stylish content. Without further ado, meet some of Miami’s top influencers to follow during Basel and beyond!

Cindy Prado (Courtesy)

1. Cindy Prado

Pre-influencer career: “I worked at a dentist’s office, wearing scrubs! Before that, I worked at Hollister, the only place that would hire me at age 16.”

Beauty essentials: “Currently obsessed with Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Day Serum, and skinbetter’s Instant Effect Gel Eye.”

If Instagram disappeared tomorrow… “I’d stop wearing five outfits a day and overpacking on every vacation.”

Dream collabs: “Top, high-fashion brands, like Chanel and Gucci. I feel like that’s when you know you’ve made it in the influencer world.”

Danié Gómez-Ortigoza (Courtesy)

2. Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

Pre-influencer career: “I used to be a correspondent for Condé Nast Mexico and Latin America.”

Side hustles: “I have my headpiece brand, and I do consulting. I never want Instagram to be my primary source of income.”

If Instagram disappeared tomorrow… “I’d probably have enough time to become a performance artist. One day I will!”

Dream collab: “I’d love to do a performance with Carla Fernández, an incredible Mexican designer who understands the power and knowledge of indigenous tribes.”

Most recent full-price luxury purchase: “A Burberry trench coat.”

Beauty essentials: “Aloe vera, applied straight from the plant every night, and Biologique Recherche Creme Placenta.”

Julian Hernandez (Courtesy)

3. Julian Hernandez

Best swag ever: “The Mr Turk tuxedos my husband and I wore at our wedding last year were really special. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to receive something in the mail.”

Pre-influencer career: “I was working behind a desk at a law firm, probably scrolling through Instagram.”

Most recent full-price luxury purchase: “A pair of Lanvin sneakers I couldn’t live without!”

Dream collab: “I’d love to create a resort or streetwear collection with Marc Jacobs.”

Passion projects: “I’m currently advocating for climate change, and working on beach clean-ups with Miami Beach nonprofits. I grew up going to the beach, and want to preserve the beauty and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.”

Isabela Grutman (Courtesy)

4. Isabela Grutman

Craziest thing I’ve ever done for the ’Gram: “Swimming with pigs and stingrays in the Bahamas. I was more focused on the Instagram moment, and not at all concerned about the bites or stings that everyone else was watching out for.”

Favorite project: “I recently partnered with Jaguar. I’ve always been familiar with the brand, but driving its first electric car was special.”

If Instagram disappeared tomorrow… “Motherhood, modeling, and running my charity, Style Saves, keep me busy. I love Instagram, but it’s only part of my life. And I have some great books to read!”

Most recent full-price luxury purchase: “I bought some sick boots from Chloé. I’m obsessed with them.”

Beauty essentials: “I love every product from Dr Sebagh and January Labs, and I can’t live without Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir face mist and EltaMD’s sunscreen.”

Lando Griffin (Courtesy)

5. Lando Griffin

Art Basel plans: “This year, I’ll be doing a prerelease of the first issue of my graphic novel, and unveiling The Butler, my 100-percent custom-built, rideable art piece based on a 1982 BMW R100.”

Best swag ever: “I have a good relationship with Dents Gloves, in England. I once told them what I thought a cool glove would look like; they made them to my specifications, and then decided to make it a part of their line. They’ve been around since 1777 and are very traditional; the only other line they make like that is the James Bond line. Not bad company.”

Perks of the NYC-MIA lifestyle: “In the dead of winter, Miami is a beautiful refuge. The community of creatives in Miami is tight-knit. They constantly empower and inspire one another. When I’m down here, I get it by proxy.”

If Instagram disappeared tomorrow… “I’d work the tourist crowd in Times Square. I heard the Naked Cowboy owns a Maserati, he could use some competition.”

Adrienne and Chris Bosh (Courtesy)

6. & 7. Adrienne and Chris Bosh
@mrsadriennebosh & @chrisbosh

Favorite recent gig: “I loved partnering with Citi, calling attention to the gender and leadership pay gap. It was an emotional experience for me; it’s something I really care about.” — Adrienne

Passion projects: “I’m passionate about philanthropy and programs to help today’s youth, especially underprivileged children. I’ve also been active in the tech and coding space by supporting code.org, which helps make dreams more accessible. There will always be a part of me focused on giving back to the game by helping younger athletes advocate for themselves and navigate their futures.” — Chris

Dream collab: “I would love to do a home décor line with a mass retailer that allows me to show my personal style, and share tips I’ve learned from hosting my family and friends for dinner.” — Adrienne

Social media strategy: “Social media is such a powerful tool; I like to use it to spread as much positivity as possible. Having a presence on social media has allowed me to explore my creative side through comedy, music, style, and art. I still share a lot of basketball content, but I also speak on how important it is to be there for your family, engage in self-care, and my philanthropic efforts.” — Chris

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