Memorial Day Diary: Hampton Racquet’s Round Robin Charity Event

by The Daily Front Row
Hampton Racquet

As you plan your Memorial Day weekend out East, here’s something fun for the calendar: Hampton Racquet in East Hampton is hosting A Day of Play round robin tennis event to benefit the Ellen Hermanson Foundation—a local nonprofit that supports breast cancer patients on the East End—on Saturday, May 28, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Executive director John Graham fills us in on the afternoon event, plus what else is in store for the summer.

Tell us about A Day of Play!
It’s a round robin play for women and men—we have 13 hard, true tennis courts, and we’re on 7 acres. We’re hosting children’s tennis as well, and an outdoor sports carnival!

What other charity events does Hampton Racquet host?
I’m heavily involved all year long. I do Project MOST, which is a substitute for after school programs in the summer out here. The club also supports a program for the local daycare center, bringing in tennis and athletics. It’s nonstop—it’s really what I enjoy. At the end of the season, I have this great event that’s a huge tennis tournament for children, called Hampton Cup. It benefits a small charity called Kids Need More, for children who have cancer, and their families. They get a little time out on Shelter Island where they have a camp for two weeks. It’s kind of like a Make A Wish—like if you missed you prom or your Sweet Sixteen, they throw you one.

What else is planned for summer?
Hampton Racquet basically turns into a country club for kids. We have a full time camp where they play tennis, hang out, play chess, play board games, do yoga, and we have a BBQ. We make old-fashioned summer fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

What do you offer adults?
We treat the whole family…we have adult clinics, beginner clinics, casual nights of playing, and we do tournaments for the adults as well. We also offer fitness classes, TRX training for adults, boxing, and yoga. Brand new this year is an outdoor fitness area. That’s all TRX training equipment, and body weight equipment that stresses cardiovascular and stretching, to train you like you’re a boxer.

We’re looking forward to the FILA/Marion Bartoli tennis party on June 18! Do you many pros play at Hampton Racquet?
I’ve had lots of players who have all competed…Pat McEnroe plays at my club, two pros who’ve played Wimbledon, and two from the US Open.

What items can we stock up on at the Hampton Racquet store?
We carry FILA and all the tennis needs: racquets, children’s clothes, ladies’, men’s, tennis balls, sunscreen, skincare…anything you need to be fashionable and healthy in the Hamptons!

Get your ticket for A Day of Play HERE.

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