Meet Style Code Live Host Rachel Smith

by Sydney Sadick

Meet Rachel Smith, Amazon’s Style Code Live co-host and Good Morning America correspondent. The adorable brunette fills us in on hosting her live nightly online show that covers all-things fashion and beauty with Frankie Grande and her love for the fashion biz.  

Why did you join Style Code Live?
During high school and college,  I was actually working at a high-end boutique and that’s where I felt like I got the fashion bug. I got brought onto Style Code Live, which is an incredible concept. It makes total sense, you know? It’s a new platform, and it’s super innovative and I can’t even describe to you how incredible it feels to be a part of something that’s so new and fresh! Having a conversation with our viewers at home is pretty interesting.

What’s it like working with Frankie?
All sorts of crazy fun. Frankie is this firework of energy. He’s sassy and confident. It’s an incredible dynamic because we’re different and I think it works for the sake of the show.

Favorite guests on the show so far?
I definitely had a moment when we had Sir John on; that was pretty incredible. Meghan TrainorElle Fanning, Ashley Graham and Tracy Reese are also favorites! We’ve had over a hundred episodes now, which is insane!

How do you describe your personal style?
Classic and balanced. I’ll try and play a trend out as long as it works for me. If you try to force something, it looks and is uncomfortable so your confidence lacks.

What brands are you loving these days?
I’m obsessed with Rag & Bone jeans. My feet are celebrating this trend of flats having a moment, so I love a good Adidas sneaker. I also love Tracy Reese, Haute Hippie, and JOA.

What’s something we’d be surprised to learn about you?
I’m OCD when it comes to organizing my beauty products. Everything has to have a home and it has to go right back to that home! It’s insane, but I’m looking in my bathroom and I have 14 different hair products. That’s unnecessary! It’s an obsession. I just love trying out things. I probably need to see somebody about it, but I enjoy it.

What else is coming up?
We’re bringing Fashion Week coverage to everyone! And I’m going to the Emmy’s [next week]! I’ve covered them three or four times. It’s one of the most challenging red carpets out there. I try to watch as many shows as I can to get me up to speed, but there are so many…it’s a lot of television!

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