Meet the Couple Behind Stylists To a T

by Sydney Sadick

We love a chic couple who work together, so when we discovered Michael and Alexandra Toccin on Instagram—also known as the founders behind Stylists To a T—we had to get the scoop on their blog-turned styling platform, what it’s really like working together, and how they manage it all… 

Alex, how did you come up with Stylists to a T?
Alex: Our friends and family have been coming to us for years for styling advice and it started to take shape for us even more in Michael’s world at KAUFMANFRANCO. We decided to bring our combined expertise to a larger platform. We started off as a blog and sharing personal advice, and over the past few months it has developed into a styling destination telling followers what to wear, how to wear it, and where to buy it.

What’s your fashion background?
A: I fell in love with fashion when I met Michael during our freshman year of college at George Washington University, and I fine-tuned my style through our trips to Europe, and while studying marketing at Parsons the New School. After I graduated, I worked at various fashion houses including Ralph Lauren, Theory, and Emily & Ashley.

Wait—you’ve been together since college?!
A: Yes! We ended up being next door neighbors and the rest was history. We have been together for over 14 years and married for 6 ½ years.

Couple goals! So break down what Stylists to a T offers to us.
A: Stylists to a T is a personal styling destination for women who want to find outfit inspiration, insight into seasonal trends, guidance on how to put together a polished look, and a convenient place to shop for it all online. By combining in-depth market research, a distinct fashion sense, and acting as a liaison between brands and customers, we bring our clients and community a fashion edit each season—and styling advice—so that shopping and dressing feels nearly effortless. This comes as a relief for most women today, whose typical shopping experience is met with lackluster department store personnel who are not passionately invested in creating an experience that not only makes her feel beautiful, but taken care of as well. Stylists to a T gives women a single, trustworthy resource to not only improve their wardrobes, but to find confidence in their fashion decisions and thoroughly enjoy the experience of shopping.

Michael, let’s get you in here. What are your respective roles in the company?
Michael: Alex is the right brain, CEO and handles the day-to-day logistics. I’m the left brain, handling the creative, brand acquisition and sales. Together we make a great team.

Does it ever get tough working together?
M: The hardest thing is juggling business and creating time off together.

When did you start getting into fashion?
M: My grandmother, Lola, was the one who sparked my interest in fashion. Early in my career, I also studied at Parsons the New School and started to love the experience of styling women. I started out working for fashion brands including Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta and Zac Posen. And today I’m the Vice President of Sales at KAUFMANFRANCO.

Who are some of your clients you’re styling these days?
A: We’ve styled women of all kinds over the past year and half. Business owners, influencers, moms—we’ve worked with everyone and we love the variety.

Instagram has been an effective tool for you—tell us about your content and what seems to resonate with viewers most.
A: Currently, our followers are interested in a couple of things. They enjoy the content that includes Michael and I, authentic and approachable imagery both dressed up or casual, and get inspired and educated by many of our looks and trends that we share as they are all shoppable and relatable.

How do you each describe your personal styles?
A: Polished. Whether dressed up or down, we are always polished.  Together we have a distinct style. We like to mix high and low price point items and still maintain clean and classic looks. We gravitate more towards neutrals over bright colors, especially living in New York.

Alex, you’re expecting your first child. Will you start adding content for children/moms?
A: Yes, we always think about moms and will be sharing our tips for how to dress well while pregnant!

What else are you guys working on now?
M: We’ve been in business for almost a year and a half and have grown more than we expected, which we’re very excited about. We have some exciting things up our sleeves that we’re working on, but we can’t share quite yet!

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