Natalia Vodianova on Everything You Need to Know About Her Halloween Fabulous Fund Fair

by Sydney Sadick

Supermodel and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova is giving a spooky yet chic twist to her Naked Heart Foundation’s Fabulous Fund Fair this year by bringing it to NYC for a highly-anticipated Halloween-themed bash! The fundraiser, which is in partnership with amfAR, raises money for helping children with special needs. Plus, guests can expect special guest performances by Nas and Charli XCX. The beauty breaks down everything else you need to know about the fabulousness, the long-list of designer-fueled activities, and more. Click here to purchase your ticket! 

You’re taking the Fabulous Fund Fair to NYC! What led to this decision?
It was always my vision to have the Fund Fair be a little bit like a traveling circus. I wanted to prove our vision and how this new concept of a more alive experience is just as good of a way to fundraise as a sit down dinner is. We’ve proven that with three very successful events in London, so when amfAR came to one of the events one year, they were very inspired. I told them if you love it, why don’t we do something together? Now we’re doing it!
Why on Halloween?
I always wanted to do an event on Halloween. I have great nostalgia from when I lived in New York and experiencing Halloween there myself. Nothing new or extraordinary has been happening [around Halloween] for a very long time so I thought it would be great to do a Halloween edition of the Fund Fair. And here we are! We’re actually doing it.
The event will be art-directed by Jeff Koons. Why did you choose him?
It’s funny because when I told him he was like, “Halloween?! How can I be spooky? “ He didn’t see his art like this so we made a presentation to him and he absolutely loved it. That’s how we started collaborating about one year ago and it’s been really amazing. I hope everyone will love the result. It’s a little bit spooky but Jeff’s art is very positive and not scary. It has this presence of Halloween but it’s still cheerful and uplifting artwork that everybody knows Jeff for.
What kinds of activities are in-store?
We’re coming back with a few classics and favorites like Hook-a-Duck, but have changed it to Hook-a-Spider. We have a piñata with Sergio Rossi, which will be filled with candy and gifts. There are incredible bumper cars with Louis Vuitton. Bumper cars have always been really popular at the fair—it’s actually amazing because people love the simple things that they remember from their childhood. There will also be Dior’s shooting stars, where you have to shoot stars into different astrological signs in the sky. Depending on where your star lands, you win a prize. There’s also the Stella McCartney graveyard rummage where you have to rummage a graveyard to hunt for skeletons as well as prizes. There’s a lot to expect!
Anything you can tease about your Halloween costume? 
I can give you a hint that I’ll be embodying one of Jeff’s famous artworks.
Are you taking it to the Heidi Klum level of intensity?
I’m definitely very into it this year. I hope it’s amazing—it’s being made now. It’s quite complex…I’m a little bit nervous because I haven’t seen it yet! If it doesn’t fit I’m just going to put on a gold dress and show up. [Laughs]. I might be coming as Natalia.

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