Meet The Super Chic Founder of Marina St. Barth

by Eddie Roche

Yes, we’re all dreaming of a week in Saint-Tropez. Luckily, we have Marina Cocher, the founder of Bridgehampton boutique Marina St. Barth, who unearths unique finds from around the world. Here, she tells THE DAILY what’s in store this season and all about her latest ventures.

Marina Cocher

What’s new at Marina St. Barth this summer?
We’ve recently updated our inventory to include designer face masks and our own branded alcohol hand sanitizer. Not to mention beautiful dresses from collections around the world and men’s dress shirts from Italy that are 100 percent linen, making them the perfect material for a hot summer day!

What have the past few months been like for you?
We unfortunately had to close all our locations during the quarantine; however, we’re pleased to announce that we’re back up and running. Our newest adventure has been adding a boutique on the world-famous Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida!

You’ve obviously had to work with customers in a different way. Tell us about how you’ve adjusted.
In light of our current situation, we’ve taken advantage of the technology world. This includes virtual appointments through FaceTime and sending our fashions through the mail so people can try on items of clothing in the safety of their home. E-mail has definitely been our best friend as it’s one of the few ways to broadcast our newer collections to a large portion of our customers.

What was the concept when you first created Marina St. Barth?
Our original concept was simple. We wanted to organize fashion shows in different high-end restaurants that represented our brand. After the show, customers would be able to purchase the designs. This not only allowed us to reach a wider variety of people, but it brought the runway to people as well.

Tell us about your Bridgehampton location!
It’s been five wonderful years that we’ve been located up on the second level of Pierre’s Restaurant in Bridgehampton. I chose this location because I, myself, was born and raised in France; therefore, the French cuisine made me feel at home. We are open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Labor Day, and we may stay open until Columbus Day.

What are some of the brands that you carry in the stores?
We carry our own brand, Marina St. Barth, along with new rising designers from around the world. We don’t like to state brands here as I like to keep my selections private, making the customers feel special because they can find one-of-a-kind items that you won’t see in other stores.

Tell us about how looks are grouped.
I hand chose all the items in the store myself, and each collection is from a certain area of the world. My favorite items are the ones with vibrant colors and patterns as you can really see the diversity. The dresses are grouped by location and are true to the area of the world they are inspired from.

Are you available online?
We began to launch our online store when we heard about the pandemic; however, it didn’t feel true to our brand. We pride ourselves on being as niche as possible with our private customers. This is why they come to my stores, because they know they’re getting one-of-a-kind pieces that you truly cannot find anywhere else.

What are you doing to make customers feel safe inside your stores?
Safety is always our top priority, and that’s why people are checked for their temperature before entering. Everyone must wear a mask when browsing the store. I welcome them wearing a mask. We also give every customer our own hand sanitizer and steam the clothes on a daily basis because that’s the best way to kill germs on fabric.

We see you are selling face masks. Tell us about them!
The face masks that I created are all hand sewn and made of three layers to help fight off airborne illness. They’re all washable, easy to breath in, and utilize adjustable elastics to fit all face shapes and sizes. There are many designs and fabrics to chose from, so definitely stop by Pierre’s to see the full collection! I have recently created my own branded hand sanitizer, which is made with organic lavender and aloe vera to help soothe the skin because no one likes the smell of alcohol. It’s proven to kill 99.9 percent of germs, and it smells so good that I often use it as perfume! It’s also FDA approved.

When did you open your Palm Beach store?
We opened our Palm Beach location on March 1st and plan to be there year round. I fell in love with the store and have always dreamed of one day opening in Palm Beach. It’s great to see dreams come true!

Any plans to open more locations?
We’re living in such an unpredictable world, therefore I think three locations is where we will stay for the time being. My stores in Saint Barth’s, Palm Beach, and the Hamptons are doing amazing; expanding is something I don’t see in the near future, but who knows!

International travel is pretty much halted this summer. Where are you dying to go when we can comfortably
travel again?
My mother fell ill before the virus, and I haven’t been able to see her as she lives in Paris. She has always wished to travel to the island of Corsica, and I hope we will be able to take that trip together soon!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working?
I’m an exercise fanatic. It’s important to live a healthy and active lifestyle, so I run and swim as often as I can. I’m currently in the Hamptons and am loving the beautiful summer weather. My morning routine consists of waking up and going for a run first thing.

You’re often at Pierre’s. What’s your favorite thing to order on the menu there?
I love the Chilean sea bass, served with asparagus, potato purée, and leek with beurre blanc. So yummy!
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