Marc Jacobs And Cher Duet Again

by Eddie Roche

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Marc Jacobs
and Cher, who had a night on the town at the Met Gala earlier this month, are getting back into bed together. The designer (and Katie Grand) revealed on Instagram today that Cher (there is only one) will be the new star of the Marc Jacobs campaign. (Confetti!!!!!!) “The amazing and beautiful CHER!” Jacobs wrote on Instagram this morning. “Photographed for our Fall/Winter campaign. This is just the beginning…More to come!!”

Jacobs told The New York Times this month about his Cher obsession, revealing that his love for her goes back to childhood. “Other boys were out fascinated by other things,” he told The Times. “I was like, no, I’d really much rather see what Cher’s wearing this week.” He was also nervous about their Met date together saying, “Very rarely am I this intimidated.” “I’ll take care of you,” Cher told Marc. “Now that you’re nervous, I have to be the strong one.” No word on whether she next burst into song. It appears Cher might not be the only major celeb appearing in their Fall campaign, since the Marc Jacobs International Instagram account called her the “first face” to be revealed. We’re rooting for Neville as face deux.


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