Love Lessons With Elle’s E. Jean Carroll

by Ashley Baker


Who understands summer’s most delicious activities better than  E. Jean Carroll? Straight from the pages of the July Fourth issue of The Daily Summer, Elle’s storied advice columnist gives us the scoop.

When it comes to summer love and romance, you’re an authority.
This summer, we should all go relive our favorite summer of all time. Wear what you wore then, eat what you ate then, listen to the music that you listened to, and date the guys you dated then.
What if you’re married?
Then you have your exes over for dinner!
What was your best summer ever?
Oh man, this is it. See, I’m the old crone on top of the mountain. The summers that have gone by? They’re gone. The summers that are coming? They’re gone. You only have right now!
This is the season when women want to attract men like flies to honey. What’s the best way to do that?
It’s the oldest thing I can say, but it’s absolutely true: Just be interested in the man. It is absolutely electrifying when someone is interested in you. There’s no woman who is so old or so ugly that she cannot seduce a man. When you turn your eyes to him, you let him know he’s the only man on Earth. Then look away. And then bring back that powerful, powerful attention. You torment him! You tease him! Love is a chase.
What should we wear?
A great summer dress can kill a man. It can absolutely floor him! I feel amazed when people don’t know that’s a fact.
What’s your favorite means of summer entertainment?
Badminton. Hiking the Appalachian Trail. Jumping out of planes is good. Walking the dog. Tennis, Ping-Pong…and you can meet a lot of good guys on the golf course. You can also meet them at the driving range!
Where is the absolute best place to meet men in New York City?
The men’s room at Yankee Stadium. I am dead serious! I was there two weeks ago, and I have never seen so many great guys in my life.
What are your thoughts on summer flings?
I’m for ’em. Here’s the thing: We’re only on this Earth to enjoy as many men as we possibly can. That’s it. That’s our purpose. Mother Nature wants us enjoying sex and falling in love!
Is the summer a busy time of year in the life of an advice columnist?
Yes! I get the biggest rush of letters around Christmas, but in the summer, people do tend to get jammed and run slightly wild.
How many letters do you get?
Around 200 a month. I’m not counting the letters that I get from people saying, “I just texted him, and then he texted me back…now what should I say?”
You only publish a handful of letters in Elle. Do you respond to others privately?
Yes, yes, yes. See this is the thing about having an advice column—it churns you up. What about the little girl who writes to you because she can’t afford a pair of shoes for the prom? What are you going to do? Send her the 40 bucks, right? Forty bucks is gonna make that girl happy. Thank God for inexpensive shoes.It’s amazing the scope of human activity you talk about.Oh, my God. I’m lucky to ever get to sleep at night!

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