Kourtney Kardashian Is Getting Into the Beauty Business

by Charles Manning

Look out, Kylie Jenner! Big sister Kourtney is coming for you with a new beauty line of her very own!

According to TMZ, Kourtney Kardashian filed legal documents indicating her intent to start her own cosmetics business under the name “Kourt.” As for what this means exactly, your guess is as good as ours. Will her new line challenge her sister’s supremacy in the lip-kit arena? Or maybe she’ll do something more along the lines of skin care. She does have a pretty rockin’ epidermis, after all.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want some of this dewey goodness for their own skin?

fitness week, on my app 🌿

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Let’s be real, Kourtney’s skin is actually kind of amazing. This is what she should do.


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Yes. Definitely. Skincare, Kourtney. It’s all about skincare.

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