Kim Kardashian West Gets Flack For Straightening North West’s Hair

by Taylor Harris
Kim Kardashian

On Thursday, Kardashian West took her daughter North West on a sugary excursion, heading to Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York. The 6-year-old tot emerged in a hot pink adidas tracksuit, a candy necklace and white Yeezys. But it was her hairdo that sparked controversy. The 6-year-old’s typically natural, curly strands was sleekly straightened, a single braid woven down her middle part.

The Internet didn’t love it.  Twitter users took to their accounts to express their outrage, accusing Kardashian of whitewashing North West and beautifying a little girl who is way too young. “Y’all…. Kim really straightened out her baby’s hair. That’s sad, what is she like 6? Leave her natural hair alone,” @HaileyMBraford tweeted.

Kardashian West’s fans were quick to jump to her defense, though, saying the beauty mogul has the right to style her daughter’s hair any way she pleases. Others suggested that North may have requested the style herself, as a special birthday ‘do.

Twitter seems pretty divided on the issue. Cultural appropriation such a complex issue, one that Kardashian West doesn’t have the best history of navigating.

Sigh. Another day, another Kardashian kontrovery.

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