Kym Ellery on Being Elected to the Chambre Syndicale

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Kym Ellery
Kym Ellery

Kym Ellery

Perhaps one of the greatest honors in fashion is being elected to the Chambre Syndicale. Aussie brand ELLERY, along with others like Courrèges and Paco Rabanne, recently joined the ranks of Givenchy and Chanel with its induction into the organization, and is gearing up for a place on the fashion week calendar with—what else?—a brand new Paris outpost. Creative director Kym Ellery dishes on celebrating and what’s next.

Congratulations on the major honor!
Thank you so much, we are thrilled! We received the news just two weeks ago, and of course celebrated with what else but some delicious French champagne.

Why did you choose to open an office in Paris, and will you still show at Australia Fashion Week?
We still have our main headquarters in Sydney as we manufacture the garments there but our new office which is about to open in Paris to support the ever growing distribution of ELLERY. We will definitely still be involved in [Australia Fashion Week] in some capacity. 

The Resort collection was inspired by the film The Holy Mountain. Why?
The Holy Mountain is one of my favorite films of all time and I’ve always wanted to center a collection around it. It is such a profound piece of cinema.

You recently expanded into footwear. What was that experience like?
Launching a luxury footwear range felt like a very natural progression for ELLERY. We felt like it was about time that we create a whole collection of shoes and give the ELLERY woman more pieces to wear in her ever-growing wardrobe. When designing footwear, I still think about form, colors, texture, details, all the same things as when designing garments.

Which categories will we see you explore next?
We have just started creating jewelry pieces to go back with each collection and I’m looking forward to continuing to explore growing that category. It’s very rewarding. 

What will we see in your next collection? Any hints?
It’s too early to give away too much…but you can expect to see lots of tough pieces.

Your fave spots in the new Paris neighborhood?
I adore sitting near the fountain in Palais Royal drinking coffee with friends.

What’s next for ELLERY?
The upcoming show in Paris this October, but otherwise much the same. We will continue to work on empowering women through design.

Any summer plans to celebrate?
I’m off to Capri with three of my best friends and I can’t wait! 

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