Keaton Row And Marie Claire Join Styling Forces

by Dena Silver

Marie Claire gets further into the art of styling through a partnership with Keaton Row. The site, which was started by Cheryl Han and Elenor Mak in May 2013, offers an opportunity for shoppers to pair with a personal stylist, who creates outfits and selects pieces via the online platform. And through the new Marie Claire Masters of Style Program, current Keaton Row stylists who are deemed exceptional by the site will be provided styling tips by the glossy, allowing them to further their reach and attract an even wider customer base. For example, one of those training sessions will be lead by the mag’s market director, Courtney Weinblatt at the beginning of each season. After the training is complete, it’s time to test the stylists skills: Weinblatt and Keaton Row’s style editor, Katie Freedman, will create a styling challenge and upon completion, the participant will be dubbed a  Marie Claire Master Stylist. Marie Claire‘s VP, publisher, and CRO, Nancy Berger Cardone explained in a statement: “Partnering with Keaton Row is ideal because we both speak to women about the importance of having one’s own personal style—and the confidence it brings.” In addition to this new program, stylists will find some nice new perks chez Keaton Row: personal websites to show off their styling techniques, personalized business cards, mentoring sessions with other stylists and much more.

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