Jack Huston Gets Uncensored in Esquire’s September Issue

by Kristen Heinzinger

Jack Huston, 33, has been garnering loads of attention as he gears up for the debut of his film, a remake of Ben-Hur. His next act: a feature in Esquire, where he talks about the project, his legacy (that’s grandfather John Huston and aunt Angelica Huston), his tips for fall fashion, and more. Below, a few highlights; read the full story HERE.

On the upcoming megabudget remake of Ben-Hur…
“It’s amazing. Like, it’s a proper, proper, proper movie, man.I was like, ‘This. Is. Why. We. Make. Movies. This is what gets me jazzed.’”

Why he bought on Amazon every movie his grandfather (John Huston) and great-grandfather (Walter Huston) ever made…
“I can say to my daughter, ‘That’s your great-great-grandfather. That’s your great-aunt up there, directed by your great-grandfather. It’s the coolest thing in the world. I started crying when I thought about it.”

On interviews in hotels…
“You always feel like a bit of a knob doing an interview in the middle of a hotel with everyone around thinking, There’s that pretentious f*** over there, talking about himself.

Photography: Cedric Buchet

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