It’s True: YouTube Star Casey Neistat Is Ending His Vlog

by Sydney Sadick

Celebrity vlogger Casey Neistat announced on his YouTube channel that he is quitting after nearly two years of posting videos daily that chronicled his life for his over 5M subscribers. The New Yorker has become a household name for everyone from teenagers to adults, and became famous for showcasing his family life (with children Francine and Owen and his jewelry designer wife Candice Pool), drone-obsession, mail received from his millions of supporters, skateboarding adventures, and travels around the world, all while wearing his signature dark-tinted sunglasses. He also gave a glimpse into the lives of his celeb pals, like Karlie Kloss, who we saw ever so often in his videos. Neistat helped the mod launch her YouTube channel, Klossy, and Tweeted a picture of her new Women’s Health cover last night.

Neistat has mastered the art of the one-man vlog, using a DSLR camera, a microphone, and a tripod to produce high-quality videos that served to entertain, inspire, and educate viewers. His ties to the fashion industry? A collaboration with J.Crew, for one, where he created a film called Travel With Style to showcase the brand’s Ludlow Traveler suit. He also put out a Super Fun Fashion Week Day video with Kloss for Vogue, which showed the duo getting a facial, working out, attending the Oscar de la Renta show, taking selfies with paparazzi, and more, and he’s starred and created a video for Mercedes Benz. Plus, Neistat attended events like The Academy Awards and The Met Ball, where fashion reporters were just as eager to interview him as they were with the Hollywood glitterati walking the red carpet.

“I know how to do this and do it in a way that’s pretty easy, and have it make me very successful on YouTube and make a great living…but what it hasn’t been doing is challenging me,” Neistat announced in a video that has gotten more than 4 million views and over 100,000 comments since it was posted Saturday. “It hasn’t been the creative fist-fight that I want and need every single day.”

All in all, we will miss watching Neistat. He says that he has plans to post videos in the future—longer, creative projects. We look forward to keeping up with his new ventures and success.

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