Island In The Sun With Angela Missoni

by Eddie Roche

Missoni creative director Angela Missoni is one of the most well-known femmes in fashion, but she’s still a mere mortal who requires a few vacation days. And when it comes to mastering the European summer, no one does it better! 

Where do you typically spend your summer?
I always try to travel for 10 to 15 days, but that doesn’t always happen. Last year, I went to Dalmatia—my father [Ottavio Missoni] was born in Dubrovnik.

What were your childhood summers like?
Well, Dalmatia has been a traditional holiday spot for us, because that’s where we went in our youth. We used to spend our holiday on a tiny island there. We had no electricity, and we drank water from the well. We wore bathing suits from morning to night. We were totally free, and we spent the entire day in the water. Today, I can be in the water for three or four hours without realizing it.

What’s your zodiac sign?
I’m a Capricorn with an Aquarius rising sign. [Laughs] You thought I was a Pisces?

Where do you spend the holidays with your mother and children now?
For the past 25 years, we’ve spent a large part of the holiday in Sardinia, which is where I’ve taken my children and my nephew. We have a house where we are all together but have separate spaces. We share a garden and a swimming pool.

What do you do there?
I have a little simple fishing boat. It’s a typical boat for the Mediterranean. I go with [partner] Bruno Ragazzi—it’s nice to be together, but you do want to escape, so we do! We have beautiful long beaches with white sand. Even during the month of August, you can find a quiet place. There are lots of little islands and rocks and different spots. We also have a family tradition of celebrating my daughter Teresa’s birthday on July 20th. It becomes the party of the season! We host a group of 80 to 90 people. When we do a party, it’s transgenerational. I like to prove that I can organize a party without help from my office. The food takes a long time—I spend two or three days cooking with my maid and my mom’s maid.

What’s on the menu?
Local products like goat cheese, salami, and carta da musica, a typical Sardinian bread. We always make anchovies with very good butter and vinegar using my dad’s recipe. My son and nephew usually cook a big casserole, and we also have melanzane alla parmigiana, and vitello tonnato. There’s an assortment of vegetables and grilled peppers or tomato salads…and then there’s dessert!

Any details?
Ever since my kids were little, the special table was always the dessert table. It has to be full of many different decorated treats. The girls usually help decorate the cakes and pudding. There’s also tiramisu, charlotte, caprese cake, apple crumble—every single recipe of the family will be on display!

What do the boys do to help?
They’re supposed to help move the tables and chairs, but everyone tries to escape from helping! [Laughs] In the end, everybody gets involved. My kids and nephew have friends who are DJs, so we always have someone in house who can take care of the music.

What is it about this time of the year that makes you happy?
So many things—I don’t have to think much about what I’m going to wear! I can walk barefoot, relax, and read a book. Life is simple. I love when the days flow into the evening without even realizing it. There are no obligations.

Have you ever visited the Hamptons?
Never. If I had more time off, I wouldn’t mind going for a few days.

There’s a beautiful Missoni Home store here. We’ll send them your greetings!
Thank you, thank you! My brother Luca [Missoni] always goes to the Hamptons, but he has an American wife.

When does it feel like the season has officially begun in Italy?
Our Labor Day [International Worker’s Day] is May 1st, and that’s when people start to travel. In the south of Italy, people are already swimming in the sea. Usually the beginning of the season is when school finishes for the year at the beginning of June. By the middle of June, all the children are at the sea.

What’s new at Missoni?
Things are going well. I’m happy! We just hired Emilio Carbonera Giani as our general manager earlier this month, which I’m very happy about. If you’re in Italy there’s also an exhibition at the MA*GA Museum in Gallarate, which is where my parents started the company. They organized an exhibition about Missoni and our relationship with art.

It’s always great to chat with you.
Would you like to take me on holiday right now?


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