Victoria Unikel: The Fashionista Extraordinaire Shaping the Fashion Industry

Unraveling the Journey of a Media and PR Mogul, Artist, and Style Icon

by DN News Desk

Victoria Unikel during Miami Swim Week. Photo by Ivan Morales

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where trends come and go like the changing of the seasons, there are few individuals who can truly be described as a force to be reckoned with. Victoria Unikel, with her unparalleled sense of style, business acumen, and artistic prowess, has undeniably cemented her place as a true fashionista extraordinaire. From the front row of fashion weeks around the globe to the corridors of media and PR, Unikel’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

“Trends in fashion embody the spirit of innovation and creativity, inspiring designers to push boundaries and consumers to embrace new styles. Amidst the ever-evolving trends, however, it’s important to remember that personal style and self-expression still rule,” commented Unikel on the balance of chasing trends yet having a true artistic core.

Victoria Unikel’s rise in the fashion industry
Unikel’s foray into the fashion industry began with a passion for art and an innate understanding of aesthetics. Even as a young girl, she recognized the transformative power of fashion as a means of expressing her creative vision. Her journey took flight when she started designing outfits for her own on-stage appearances at a young age.

As her love affair with fashion deepened, Unikel launched her own clothing line in Germany, garnering recognition, and widespread media coverage. This fusion of artistic talent and an intuitive grasp of the media landscape propelled Unikel towards conquering the fashion world.

“When artistic talent merges with a fundamental grasp of the media landscape, human psychology, and business, extraordinary things happen. My goal is to help people served by my companies make that extraordinary transformation!” said Unikel.

Victoria Unikel during Missoni show (@victoriaunikel)

The Media Mogul stage; helping the fashion industry
Her lifelong dream of running a media empire materialized when she co-founded VUGA Media Group with over 70 newspapers and magazines, and two TV channels: 24Fashion TV and Gossip Stone TV. She also has a respectable presence on Instagram (@victoriaunikel), with 550,000 followers.

Unikel’s companies swiftly became the go-to destinations for fashion brands and designers seeking to make a splash in the industry. Designers and celebrities alike sought her expertise, recognizing her knack for transforming brands into household names.

Victoria’s presence in the front row of their runway shows is always a welcome sign for designers, who strive to get recognition from her and her PR and media companies. Victoria’s 24Fashion TV channel is the home of top designers’ runway video, media-sponsors numerous international fashion week events, and publishes articles about established and up-and-coming brands. The competition for airtime means that not every designer will be lucky enough to make it. Regardless, Victoria always makes space for the top among the unknown designers, to give them a chance to rise and see their vision come to fruition.

Fashion design as personal expression
“The runway is not just a stage; it is a canvas where creativity and expression create breathtaking masterpieces. Fashion is not just about what we wear; it is an outward expression of our innermost selves, where the extraordinary becomes reality,” said Unikel.

Victoria Unikel. Photo by Daniela Alaviie

However, Unikel’s impact in the fashion industry extends far beyond her media and PR ventures. As an artist, she captivates audiences with her unique fusion of fashion and fine art. Her creations, which often integrate elements of textile design, sculpture, and mixed media, grace prestigious galleries and command attention in auctions worldwide.

“We are all artists, and we all live fashion, so each and every one of us is a fashionista and creator,” said Victoria.

“I am so glad that all my companies are active in trying to help rising fashion visionaries to achieve their dreams,” she added.

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