How to Watch the Royal Wedding Online for Free

by Charles Manning

The royal wedding is almost here! On Saturday, May 19, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be married at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. The ceremony starts at 12 noon local time — that’s 7:00 AM ET and 4:00 AM PT — but, of course, there will be lots of pre-show coverage — arrivals, commentary, that sort of thing — so if you’re on the west coast and planning to watch live, you might as well just mainline espresso and forego sleep entirely. Make a night of it!

If you have a TV and a cable provider, catching the main event will be ridiculously easy (minus the ungodly hour). The Today Show on NBC will begin their live coverage at 4:30 AM ET and just about every other major network and news channel will probably broadcast their own coverage around the same time.

Watching without a TV will be, as always, a trickier proposition. Why? Because if you don’t have a cable subscription, most broadcasters won’t allow you access to their online livestreams, which is incredibly frustrating and infuriating to anyone under that age of one million who chooses not to pay stupid amounts of money to watch programs that are half commercials when streaming services like Hulu and Netflix are cheap and commercial-free. I mean, why the f*ck do you have to have a cable subscription to watch the Oscars? It’s 2018! This is ridiculous! I’ll happily watch the commercials ONLINE. There are like six live televised events worth watching every year and I’m sorry, but those are NOT worth a $100+ per month, year round. They’re just not. But I digress.

From the looks of things, the one place you can actually watch the wedding without a TV or a cable account is CBS News. PBS will have live coverage of the event too and you would think that if anyone would allow viewers free access to live online coverage without a cable subscription login it would be PBS, but it’s sort of hard to tell exactly what the deal is going to be there as of now. Maybe it will work. It’s worth a try.

If, for some reason, CBS News and PBS both fail you the day of the wedding, you can always do that thing where you sign up for a subscription with a network online, then cancel it before the free period expires. All those networks like CBS offer a free trial period for online subscribers. They do it hoping that even if you don’t like the service enough to actually want to pay for it, once you’ve entered all you info, you’ll be too lazy or distracted to actually cancel. Then they’ve got you! Don’t let them get you. Fight the power! Use that free trial period, watch the wedding, and then cancel your account.

Or, you know, just go to your friend’s place and watch it on their TV. Whatevs.

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