Here Comes The Bride! With Jenny Ljunberg

by Eddie Roche

Since revamping a Montauk Highway landmark in 2008, c/o The Maidstone owner Jenny Ljungberg has injected East Hampton with Scandinavian charm. Now, the bride-to-be is sharing her unique take on weddings in the East End with The Daily Summer.

What’s the plan for your special day?
We’re having it on the property! We’re putting up a big tent in the backyard and the parking lot and creating a lot of room for the ceremony. We want to show off how we can do really interesting, cool weddings at the Maidstone.
Is this a new thing?
So far, we’ve hosted weddings for about 80 people in our garden, but for our wedding in mid-July, we’re expecting about 120 guests. Since there are only 19 guest rooms here, we coordinate with other hotels to book rooms for guests.
What activities have you planned?
We’re going to start at Wölffer on Thursday, for either dinner or a wine tasting. There will be a magician for the kids and horseback riding. On Friday, we’re having a clambake on the beach, and then on Saturday, we’re having the reception in the garden. The after-party will be held in the Living Room.
You’ve loaned out your personal art collection to the hotel to display this summer. What prompted that idea?
Every year, we come up with an exhibition for our walls; we’ve had some up-and-coming artists as well as established ones. I have some excess pieces at my home from Sweden, so I decided to bring them here. It allows people to see a little bit of my soul, since the whole c/o brand is about my ideals.
Are any pieces for sale?
Some of them! I try to have a Buddhist way of thinking—I don’t need to own everything. If someone loves it more than I do, then maybe it’s time to part with it. I met my fiancé, Jonathan [Baker], later in life, and when you partner with somebody, you want to buy stuff together.
Why did you create a store within the hotel?
There are so many cool things from Scandinavia—the hope and dream was that instead of buying flowers to bring to a dinner party, you can stop by here and find something unique for the host. This year, we’re selling a special line of jewelry made from old Swedish china. We’ve also opened Austere, a Scandinavian design shop, which features everything from furniture and clothing to toys.
How did you find your new general manager?
We’ve worked together twice before at my hotels in Sweden. I was looking for someone new and fresh who truly knows and cares for my brand. Jakob [Berlin] is a chef by training, but he’s also good at making sure guests have a memorable experience. He cares about every single room.
What is this we hear about “beach butlers…”?
There aren’t many great food options on the beach, and yet who wants to leave to get lunch? Now, our guests can order from the restaurant and we’ll drive it to them at a certain time.
And the Living Room has a new chef?
Yes, Michael Massetti. He worked here last year, so we knew him. He shares our taste in local, organic food. And he’s incredibly good at desserts!

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