Heidi Klum On Designing For Tots And All Sorts Of Motherhood Matters

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) The Daily caught up recently with our fave entrepreneurial supermod, Heidi Klum, about one of her many, many projects—Truly Scrumptious, her Babies”R”Us line of pint-sized fashion, bedding, furniture, and accessories . At the first-ever Truly Scrumptious fashion show, Klum told us all about her parenting style, her personal style, where she finds fash inspiration, and much more. 

What do your kids think about your style?
If I wear pants or dark clothes, they don’t get very impressed. But if I’m going to the Emmys in a red sparkly Versace dress, they’ll notice something is different!

Have your kids ever helped you pick our your red carpet looks?
No, not really. I think I would be even more sparkly if they did. 

What are some Heidi-approved looks for a night on the town?
I really love leather pants with a cool top. That always works! I love a beautiful black mini dress with either super high Pretty Woman boots, if you’re going on a dinner date, or high heels.

Do your kids want to get into fashion?
Not really, and I haven’t pushed them at all. I’m happy they haven’t asked me. Not that I have really anything against it! My daughter Leni gets very excited to see all of the fashion shows. But she wants to do something with animals.

How would your describe your Truly Scrumptious line?
Fun! They’re easy, colorful, comfortable clothes with a lot of spirit. I want moms to be able to buy clothing that won’t keep them running to the dry cleaners. There’s a rainbow-colored fur jacket with rainbow colors and leggings, where each leg is a different color. 

How did you design the boys’ line?
I like going more fashion forward with boys’ clothes! Most moms shy away from that. Sometimes I sneak in fashionable pieces for boys in the line just to test the water, but I don’t want to make things that nobody would buy, so there is always a balance. My boys wear red pants, crazy-colored tops, and bowties. They’re more fashion forward.

You critique looks on Project Runway all the time. What’s it like to get critiqued on your line?
I’m not nervous; I stand behind what I do. I think that people either love it or they don’t. I know that I push the envelope. But I don’t want to just do the basics. That’s just too boring!

What’s your trick for work-play balance?
If you love what you do, you make the time. I don’t sit at home and rack my brain to come up with ideas. Things in my daily life inspire me. Whether it is a new brand, something in Europe, or an interesting cut, I get inspired. 

What kinds of things are snap-worthy for you?
I saw one girl wearing a hoodie with the shoulders cut out. I knew I had to take a picture of it because it was so cool. I don’t always know what I am going to do with the pictures; maybe a year down the line I’ll incorporate that trend!

We’ll look out for your take on shoulder cut-outs! What do your kids j’adore from your collection?
My girls really love anything with sparkles, while my boys just sort of go with anything. My daughter Leni, who is nine years old, is sort of upset, because the clothing line only goes up to a toddler’s size 5. Sometimes she’ll squeeze herself in and try to make it work…

Charity’s quite important to you. How do you teach your kids to give back?
Johan painted one of the t-shirts that we sold for ‘Save the Children,’ and all of the proceeds went directly to the foundation. After that, I made a doodle contest, and I picked two kids as winners, and now their shirts are being sold and are even distributed in our gift bags.

Do you hang up your children’s artwork?
I have a whole wall that’s just for their artwork! Their art has all been put on canvases or painted onto canvases, so I have a giant hallway that’s made up of their art.

Are you pretty lax or sort of strict with your kids?
They do not watch a lot of television. I’m old fashioned: I don’t believe in sitting your child in front of something. I think that they need to be outside, getting dirty, and having fun! They need to think of fun things to do…which sometimes takes a while.

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