Harper’s Bazaar Looks Into the Eyes of Fashion Designers

by Sydney Sadick


Why didn’t we think of this? In the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, artist Marc Quinn photographed the eyes of fashion industry leaders Karl LagerfeldSarah Burton and Stella McCartney for a rare view into each of these designers souls. “The eyes are the only internal organ you can see from the outside,” says Quinn to the glossy. “The world goes in through their pupils, and fashion comes out through their hands.” After taking a photo of the designer’s eyes with a macro lens, the artist then created a large oil painting with an air brush. This project is pretty fascinating, especially in regards to Lagerfeld, who is never photographed without his famous sunglasses.

Here’s what the designers had to say on the eye-front:

Karl Lagerfeld (first in photo): “The most beautiful eyes? Elizabeth Taylor’s. Choupette comes second—her eyes are like star sapphires… This image [of my eye] completely surprised me; I could hardly believe it was my eye. There’s not just fire in my eyes, there’s fire…in my mind.”

Sarah Burton: (second in photo) “There is no vision without the play of memory and imagination… At Alexander McQueen, we’ve never retreated from the most personal, so for me, vision is a creative urge that depends on your willingness to go further and see something new.”

Stella McCartney: (third in photo) “To have vision, that is a blessing. It does not come easily… If a collection is hard to see, I don’t give up. I just start from a really emotional place, then I can normally see it.”

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