Catching Up With Prism’s Anna Laub

by Sydney Sadick

Style editor-turned-fashion designer Anna Laub has been killing it on the resort front since launching Prism in 2009. From beachwear and swimwear to beach bags and espadrilles, the Brit chats with us about her summer collection and what she’s been up to as of late.

What made you think that the world needed Prism?
I needed it. I was looking for optical glasses and couldn’t find any I liked, so I decided to make my own. I guess I was my first customer!

Have you always wanted to get into design?
No, it actually happened quite gradually and organically. Before designing I was a journalist; I worked in trends and also edited magazines.

Is there any industry you haven’t tapped into yet but could see yourself getting into?
I think anything else I did would be very linked to what I am doing now, so it wouldn’t be a whole new industry. But I’d love to go more towards product and furniture design. Right now we do eyewear, swimwear, beachwear, espadrilles, sandals and bags, and to be honest, anything to do with travel or resortwear makes sense to me.

Tell us about the summer (PF15) collection.
It was inspired by patterns and colors from nature – palomino horses, crazy fish, and birds. We also just launched our debut espadrilles sandal collection, all handmade in Spain!

What are your favorites from the collection?
I love the new Samar swimsuit, the Praslin and Mahe bikini, and the St. Louis sunglasses!

What sunglass and bathing suit trends are you over right now?
I prefer mirror lenses to either be a color or black mirror, so it’s a bit unusual or more subtle… I really hate silver mirrored aviators! I’m also really not a fan of cutout swimsuits . Who wants to look like a zebra after a day on the beach?

Speaking of beaches…do you have a favorite?
There are loads, but probably Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janiero is the most amazing with the setting and the vibe!

Have you been spending time at the beach this summer?
We have actually been going to the countryside just outside London a lot this summer, as the weather has been great here. Also,we are going to Tuscany with friends next week!

You have a great Instagram. What makes an Instagram-worthy post for you to upload?
I think just something that is either a great image or information-sharing with followers. I tend to follow anyone who posts inspirational or interesting imagery (lots of photographers and art directors). And all my friends and family, that’s pretty much how I keep up with what everyone’s up to these days!

What’s next on the horizon for Prism London?
Some exciting collaborations are coming up and also a new creative project!

You have a flagship in London. Anymore stores in the works?
Hopefully! Look out Sydney, LA and NYC!

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