20 Fashion Insiders Share Their Most “Embarassing” Luxury Indulgences

by Eddie Roche

The Daily Front Row rounded up a bunch of our favorite chicsters and asked them what luxury indulgence they are embarrassed to admit they can’t live without — everything from Chanel cotton balls to caviar straight out of the tin.

1. Marjan Jonkman, model
“I’m pretty embarrassed that I spend $60 for getting my body frozen for three minutes. I’m addicted to it and have already gotten my second five-pack sessions. If third-world countries heard about the Cryotherapy trend, they’d probably think we’re crazy…and they’re right! I just feel so good after each session.”

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2. Dennis Basso, designer
“Eating caviar by the tablespoon right out of the tin.”

3. Irina Shayk, model
“I love face masks. One day I’ll do a scrub and the next a cucumber and the next a sugary mask. My friends make fun of me because I don’t go to bed without doing a face mask.”

4. Dylan Sprouse, actor
“I’m a really big afternoon tea guy. I go anywhere in the city. I just love tea parties!”

5. Aya Kanai, chief fashion director, Hearst Women’s Group
“I carry Tata Harper spritzable face mist when it’s hot outside. I’m not embarrassed about it, but it is a luxury!”

6. Victor Sanz, creative director, Tumi
“My one vice is shoes, and ever since I started traveling I have bought a new pair of shoes before every trip — for the past 20 years. Now this vice has turned into a storage issue, especially because I travel up to seven months out of the year, but it’s what I do!”

7. George Wayne, writer
“Veuve Clicquot champagne with blood-orange juice is my elixir of choice! I go through bottles and bottles of Veuve because it makes me happy. Call me a champagne-a-holic!”

8. Lisa Perry, designer
“Frozen Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies!”

9. Jill Zarin, “Real Housewives of New York”
“I always hire two tennis pros at the same time to play mixed doubles with my partner. I love it when they hit the ball hard and fast, especially their serve!”

10. Charlotte McKinney, model
“I will only start my day if my local barista perfects my morning coffee at Caffe Luxxe! The order is: venti Pacific organic unsweetened original almond milk iced latte with nine ice cubes, shaken in a copper shaker, never stirred, with a paper straw. Hydration and caffeine levels are key.”

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11. Leah Wyar Romito, chief beauty director, Hearst Magazines
“My office fridge is full of Health-Ade kombucha — I buy it by the case. If you like cayenne cleanse or ginger-lemon, I’m your girl!”

12. Liz Plosser, editor-in-chief, Women’s Health
“I have a crazy La Croix addiction. I can easily go through a couple of 12-packs a week! My favorite flavors are lemon, lime, and pamplemousse.”

13. Adam Glassman, creative director, O, The Oprah Magazine
“My Lord Jones CBD tincture, which I keep at my desk—it’s my natural Xanax and mood enhancer.”

14. Ping Hue, model
“A fine cup of coffee that is expertly pulled. Mainly out of convenience more than anything. I’ll be the last person to shun you for splurging on caffeinated gold.”

15. Kelly Macdonald, actress
“Tampax. It’s a luxury. Lots of places in the world don’t have that privilege.”

16. Lizzie Grubman, publicist
“My most embarrassing luxury is I have to get my hair blown-out every morning or I can’t leave the house. I’m also addicted to Hallmark movies.”

17. Eric Rutherford, model
“My second bedroom is more like a walk-in closet where my shoes sleep.”

18. Amy Synnott, Executive Editor, Harper’s BAZAAR
“Chanel cotton balls that I’ve carried with me through three different moves.”

19. Jessica Matlin, Beauty Director, Harper’s BAZAAR
“Lying on the couch with the A/C with a Diet Coke and catching up with all my favorite Bravo-lebrities.”

20. Neville Jacobs, dog of Marc Jacobs
“Turkey from Katz’s Delicatessen.”

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